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  1. Art is an area of spiritual and practical activity of people, it is aimed at artistic comprehension and development of the world. It differs from other forms of spiritual culture in that it is based on the ability of people to be creative, to perceive and understand the surrounding reality artistically. Music, movies, and novels make us sympathize, think, and worry. A special feature of art is the creative power of imagination, which transforms reality. Creative fiction is the basis of any work of art.Also, unlike science, for example, art is based on a personal vision and understanding of the world. It is irrational. The units of creativity in painting, sculpture, literature, theater or ballet that allow the author to express feelings and emotions, to fix the artistic reality are artistic images. And another characteristic feature of art is that it has a special language that you need to learn in order to understand: for artistic expressiveness, works of art are filled with symbols and cultural codes – this is an artistic language in the form of colors, words, notes, space, facial expressions, body position, etc.

  2. The distinctive features of art include its universality, timeless character and belonging to the entire human race, its ability to unite and inspire.

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