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  1. Postmodernism replaced modernism in the 50s of the last century. At first, postmodernism turned out to be very controversial and evoked mixed emotions. Postmodernism was synonymous with “abstraction”and” minimalism.”

    Nevertheless, the current of postmodernism is characterized by a rich variety of trends: photorealism, body art, video art, sculptural hyperrealism, abstract sculpture and much more.

    The philosophy of postmodernism is the personal freedom of the creator and the absence of a framework in art.

    The distinctive features of postmodernism include:

    • pluralism (in other words, a concept that supports the presence of many different views and interests at the same time)
    • uncertainty (art cannot develop due to established rules)
    • multiple interpretations (the absence of one interpretation, the existence of many)
    • outrageous (surprise, defeat, and provocation by the artist)
    • plagiarism (the presence of explicit quoting and borrowing)
    • combination of high and low culture (mixing of two cultures, erasing borders)
    • irony (ridicule and parody)
    • fragmentation (paying attention to details and avoiding general synthesis)
  2. Ridiculing the foundations of modernity and shifting all postulates upside down, using ideas and images of modernity as the transmission of any information, in such a way that these very images and ideas are only a means of transmitting new ideas, one of the means, and not the main message.

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