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  1. No reliably predictable ones. There are no known positive or negative effects of taking LSD that can be confidently described in the format of ” this is what happens if you take LSD.” With a huge probability, nothing will happen – you will not go mad, you will not become an idiot, you will not become a genius, you will not become enlightened, you will not expand your consciousness – you will simply survive a few strange (pleasant or not so) hours, which will end, ” and you are still the same as you were.”

    Yes, it can be different – you can go out the window, you can radically change your outlook on life, you can damage your mind or vice versa, radically improve your mind-but the probability of such outcomes is very small and requires you to work hard on yourself to achieve them. It's just that sometimes you've already done this work before, even though you didn't realize it yourself.

  2. A single dose in the standard dosage is not allowed. The target of LSD is not mental capacity.

    LSD removes the “filters” between brain regions, allowing the brain to work more holistically. This does not mean speeding up thinking or some kind of super-work of the brain – just for the duration of the drug, the brain works differently, in a somewhat unusual way for an adult.

    At the end of the action, LSD is completely eliminated from the body, without having any long-term effects.

    It is known that microdosing (regular intake of doses lower than those that can cause trip) has a positive effect on mental abilities. Creativity increases, anxiety decreases.

    There is evidence that this method of administration inhibits the process of neurogenesis; however, there is also the opposite data. It's too early to say for sure.

    However, there are still reliably confirmed abilities of LSD to negatively affect the psyche, if it is taken during an exacerbation of mental disorders.

    In principle, this is understandable, because if the chemical balance of the brain is disturbed (and it is they who currently explain mental disorders), it would be somewhat reckless to introduce an additional imbalance in the brain, let's say.

    Nota Bene It should be remembered that, firstly, when experimenting with LSD, a sober and competent guide is needed (any attempts to self-medicate with LSD can be dangerous); and secondly, on the territory of Russia, such experiments can lead to places not so remote.

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