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  1. Yes, phenotropil works,but usually after 1 dose of phenotropil, the effect becomes either weaker or it will not be at all, since tolerance increases significantly.

  2. In general, we recently discussed this, and I was told that phenotropil is a derivative of piracetam, and yes, that the effect of it is questionable, since there were no reliable studies involving the control group. But in my personal experience, I do not feel the effect of piracetam, but I feel it from phenotropil. At a minimum, it saves me a lot when I didn't get much sleep, and in the morning I need my head to work efficiently enough.

  3. Pharmacists have always insisted that the effect appears after 3 months of regular use. I didn't take it myself, but my friends used it, and they say it helps, but only slightly. The placebo effect certainly brings a significant share, but still the blood circulation of the brain improves)

  4. none of the drugs available in pharmacies in Russia passes through the BBB (from the bloodstream to the brain tissue). this means that they only improve blood circulation, nutrition, and stimulate a little due to the increased utilization of glucose by neurons. the only drug-noopept, because tests were conducted in the United States, crosses the BBB (and therefore acts, in theory). but, again, the effect is achieved in a couple of weeks.�

    PS not a drop of advertising:)�

    ZZY rattlesnake mixtures here I will not write, because they strongly hit your health

  5. Nothing special, took after lunch 1 time did not feel any effects and then after an hour took two tablets of phenotropil at once, again did not feel any effects!!!

  6. Just a few days ago, I closed the session. About a week and a half before the first exam, I realized that I physically could not learn — something was forgotten, something was confused, I wanted to eat, sleep and do things that were not related to studying.

    Until I found out about phenotropil.

    Of course, I read the instructions carefully. Since this is a nootropic drug, it does not cause side effects and addiction (a significant plus, I must admit).

    About the action. This is super stuff, seriously. I didn't even think it could be so effective. I didn't feel like lying down and doing nothing. It was as if someone had flipped a switch. In addition, the effect manifests itself literally after the first or second tablet. No drowsiness, no depression, no appetite (I lost THREE kilograms in a week). Successfully passed everything. After stopping taking it, drowsiness appears — but this is logical, given that with three phenotropil tablets a day, you will not sleep more than three to four hours a day.

    I recommend drinking in combination with preparations based on ginkgo biloba-significantly improves memory.

  7. Phenotropil is discontinued, it is a stimulant, the performance when taking it is higher, but concentration of attention may be disrupted and excess activity may appear, as well as sleep disorders.

  8. As you probably understand, it is quite difficult to give an answer to such a question, because each body reacts to drugs in different ways and prescribe such a drug in completely different cases, however, I will tell my version as a person who took this medicine. I had to deal with him because of the panic attacks that began. And here is the result: the PA left, she became more “sober” to look at life, less emotionally react to what is happening around, became more calm or something.�

    In general, it helps with PA.

  9. I will share my experience: I ate phenotropil before the session, when I had to work like hell. Usually I can't sit for a long time (four hours and all) and not be distracted, so for the life of me after a while I start to get stuck in contact or somewhere else, in short, I find a reason, and then my perseverance and ability to concentrate on the same thing for a long time slowly increases, for me this is very important. True, then I went angry and nervous as hell, this is such a side effect. And knocks it out well. It is useful only when you need to work a lot, that is, you will not have any more brains just like that.

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