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  1. It is difficult to single out something fundamentally different from the rest — and more general problems of Russian society, from which private problems arise. And it is difficult to generalize millions of young people at all (besides, it is increasingly believed that the generational theory no longer works), especially today, in the era of open and accessible communications…

    1. The main one, perhaps, would be the unwillingness to learn from the mistakes of older generations. At best, there is a backlash-a typical revolt of “children” against “fathers” – but there is no serious, fundamental rethinking of the events, trends, and values of the past. This approach, however, can be explained from a historical point of view: 70 years of Soviet egalitarianism, poverty and the erasure of individuality have done their vile work, which still resonates today. But it's still a shame.

    It hurts only from repeating the same mistakes.

    2. No matter how strange, but this… lack of your own opinion. A truly personal position that was formed through critical thinking — and at the same time through a positive outlook. And your own opinion, in turn, implies critical thinking to critical thinking. The bottom line is. in order not only to consider bad what seems good, but also to call it bad, to understand why such “bad” is also bad. It's not exactly a double negative. Logical chain good=bad=bad*2≠good. This is just a search for your own opinion.

    And while it is not there, it remains a batch thinking with a set of stamps. Even nonconformism-and that one with its own cliches.

    3. Apolitical nature. The gigantic civilian potential is being dispersed… to nowhere. In an undeclared civil war with others — and with each other. This is predictable for 40-50-year-olds with faded eyes, but when young people do not want to literally collect garbage in their own yard…

    4️⃣ Misanthropy, mamkin / papkin cynicism, justification of any social inequality, atomization. Comments here are superfluous, although honestly-it looks like the behavior of infantile people who are stuck at the very beginning of the transition age and do not understand, do not recognize the diversity and multi-layered nature not only of the world globally, but even of their own countries and cities.

    However, even at the age of 16-17, a smart young man already has enough brains to see, and sometimes even experience for himself, that not all doors are open to you and someone is more lucky, someone is less. Not to mention that some people understand this even earlier.

    Where the terry maximalism of pink ponies and the blind confidence that “you just need to plow more” come from in 20-25 years is a mystery.

    5️⃣ Conservatism bordering on sexism. You can draw conditional zoomers as much as you want as a generation of advancing feminism, but this is just an information bubble. Incompatible neither with thousands of public posts about “skins” and entries, nor with YouTube, in which another singer of 20-year-olds swears at “cheeky bitches” or at strong and independent Russian women. In the comments below topics and stories about domestic violence, a portal to hell opens up.

    • About the fact that suddenly it's more pleasant to go on public transport with men over 35 than with puberty alphas who spread their legs and turn on music at full volume from a smartphone (some also carry portable speakers with them), I'm also silent.

    6. Ageism. The meme “okay, boomer” is frankly stupid and unnecessary. Of course, today's 40-50-year-olds are not very good, and the elderly are even worse. Of course, the reaction to the typical Soviet upbringing “seniors are always right”, that poor gaslighting that many people have encountered, affects. Of course, retrogradism and unwillingness to use the advantages of modern technologies are outrageous (messengers are more convenient than calls (you need to call for urgent issues, not for trifles), cohabitation is better than a hasty marriage, etc.).

    But, hell, for once we have a historic chance to build a society without prejudice, especially since now the age is becoming more conditional, self-education is taking on a permanent character, and outwardly you can stay in shape even in 40-45, if you do not put money on your own health and nutrition. No, for some reason you need to reproduce scoop 3.0 and look at the passport again. If you're not like the boomers, why the fuck are you acting like them?! Moreover, I do not understand the youth, Zoomer skepticism about 30-35-year-olds either. Yes, this is another generational stratum with its own problems and gestalts, but are zoomers really as progressive as they are portrayed by the media, eh?!

    • Only teenage “aunts”are even more embarrassing/”uncle” used in media (in texts, posts, stories…) in relation to people slightly older than themselves, when there are neutral addresses M/W. When the conditional buzzer actually calls 30+flight old, that's… well… Ridiculous.

    7️⃣ Consumerism. All these “explain for the stuff” are simply ridiculous in a country with a minimum wage of 12k (and an insane socio-economic stratification). When it is at least 20k, then we will talk about the burnt Calvin Klein.

    8. Possibly even earlier burnout compared to millennials and 35-year-olds. The entry threshold for successful success is also decreasing in the age sense. When more and more peers (and female peers) become millionaires, it's hard not to be disappointed in yourself and life. Especially when you live in the outback or a single-industry town, where the social elevators are completely dead.

    9. Quite a trifle, but — where is so much free time to watch all these tongue-tied reviewers from YouTube, who stretch a two-minute thought for 10 minutes, and the second 10 minutes admire themselves in the frame? You can be proud of not watching TV again (having returned my 2007 to me, it was also then, yes), but what's the point if YouTube is used on the same principle? Not to mention the fact that the text version of, for example, a five-minute video clip can be read in a minute at most and saves time. After all, there are only a few vloggers with a set and informative speech, unlike Aquarians.

    • So information abundance becomes… toxic and makes it difficult to build information priorities with filters. This is not a problem specifically for zoomers, it is a scourge of our time. However…

    But in general, sociologically, everything is not so unimportant. This is the first post-Soviet generation that has both technologically and ideologically sound foundations compared to those whose childhood was in the 90s, and they found the Internet only at the end of their youth (openness and accessibility of information forms a completely different speed of thinking and attitude to cultural artifacts). In addition, there are global tectonic shifts in the world order, which are easier to accept after 20 than after 30-40.

  2. I tell you as a teenager arriving in this stratum, although not from a big opinion (From that, the problems are a little specific, I warned you)

    1 Overblown conservatism and redneckism (Xenophobia, homophobia and other bullshit)
    And I am talking now about typical leftist youth, and not about those who were just overwhelmed by these sentiments, and they, unfortunately, turned into cattle. Yes, I even feel a little sorry for them(. I can't help but burn when I remember Milonov's frivolous dogma, with its pure and immaculate families, with its moral unity, considering that “morality” can exist only when everyone is equal before society. Judging a person for their sexual orientation is exactly like judging a person for their skin or hair color, which, by the way, was done before, but then it was recognized as absurd (!!!). Here first are pushing gay, then driven to anime, well if it were the case that it is not so, and that is not good, they say, and in the case of (respecting the opinions of others), BUT these are all 5-10% of people Raschke interrupts huge fat BUT, bydlovatyh and freenote, not having an opinion. This is a problem inherent in just not very large social groups (No, we immediately dismiss all of them, these are ordinary young people, such as all of them). Don't think about it, I'm not against adequate conservatism, just here, this Pimp, sorry, is seduced in Rashka to a beaten level, (Like my Father in Potato Republic, by the way)

    2 Hermithood (Bitardstvo, speaking popularly, own)
    Along with this, a whole bunch of psycho-diseases. Either the stress of the ancestors affected, or because of no such thing, it now seems that every second person has an anxiety disorder and autism, and the latter is far from due to face. Everyone is sitting in some kind of sink, they don't want to leave the comfort, cancer publics, mmm). Born into a dysfunctional family? Congratulations! You will have a bad social life. Are you gay / informal / activist ? Tikai from the village, and it is better to go directly to Western Europe (the 1st problem also has weight here). In short, not only are there really people who are really bad with society, but there are also self-detached teenagers, for good reasons, and for stupid things. That's why jokes about a soap rope and 0 friends are made.

    I can explain the first two questions in a rich way, but what about the rest? I am still quite a pezdyuk, so that I would understand something else besides this deeply for myself. So something is sparse and simple:

    3 Moral (in this context, it is abstract, and in general the significance of this problem is questionable)
    The problem is among, and not within, young people (and this is not a problem for everyone). Face, Cancer-public, I think it's clear. I'm not a moralfag, so I won't pay for shooting, burning, and castrating all of his fans, but serz, you'd better listen to pop music.

    4 Politics, agitation, power
    Yeah, and the confrontation between the bearded woodcutter and the emperor also reached. Is it hot already? Don't tune in too much, the whole problem for me is expressed only in the problems of the economy, unemployment, and corruption scandals. But it is certainly affected more broadly. Do not forget about putinyungeds, of course, but most still intend to change this device. You can find tons of memes about immutability, and you've come across them yourself at least once (March 18 was quite recent, however). Look at how many subscribers Stalingulag has, how many negative videos about feces produced by YATtv (RIP), how much bubbling talk about the fact that this or that project turned out to be Kremlin, and the blogger was corrupt. Bottom line: putup is not the same, navalavan cake, it's time to choose.

    5 Small, for small groups, or too cannibalistic to explain
    Growth problems* Conflict between mothers and children (2?)
    * Universal dipression (2?)
    * Few personal freedoms (1,4?)
    * What will I become?
    * Father / mother booze, family in shit
    * Buling
    * Money


  3. Pofigizm inflated conceit-far from reality.Non-acceptance of advice – – – I have my own life..Lack of self-discipline and analysis of their own behavior .Cruelty and laziness as well as selfishness. Unwillingness to work and help your loved ones. Craving for entertainment

  4. It is not so easy to deduce 5 problems, since for one person these are problems, for another – gifts of fate. For this reason, the problems I have presented are only my personal opinion, and do not reflect objective reality.�

    1. , including the Internet.Addiction to electronic gadgets Many people believe that they do not have any addiction, since they do not spend hours at their phones/computers. However, if a person is completely deprived of access to the Internet, the situation changes dramatically. Even when trying to do something for himself, he is drawn back to the gadget, as the habit of checking new messages and news every 10-15 minutes does not just disappear. Solution: Find an alternative to social media features. Read news that you can benefit from. For example, 4PDA, Lifehacker, Post-science, Naked Science, The Village, etc. can be a great replacement for the Vkonak feed. Listen to music offline by downloading it in good quality in advance, or using specially designed apps like Google Play Music. Minimize constant correspondence in social networks. social networks, replacing them with real meetings. Even if you do not meet a person for a long time, this will give you the opportunity to appreciate such rare meetings much more.�
    2. Lack of desire for self-development. Of course, this does not apply to all young people. Fortunately, a significant proportion of young people invest considerable resources in self-study. However, the proportion of young people who do not devote time to all-round development is still much larger. The importance of self-development lies not so much in the assessment of intellectual and other abilities, but in the possibility of acquiring skills and knowledge that allow you to be more adapted to the environment. Here's a simple example: if more than 95% of the population in Russia were trained in financial, legal, computer literacy, traffic rules, and first aid for victims, then the level of corruption, fraud, divorce, and accidents would begin to steadily decline, and the overall standard of living would increase. And this is just a grain of knowledge from what every person should know. Why are young people here, you may ask? To the fact that before the age of 25, a person's ability to learn is significantly higher than after 25. Solution: unfortunately, there is only one solution to this problem – your desire and motivation to increase your own adaptation to the environment, to become more adapted. I could start talking about large-scale campaigns to increase the level of education among the population, etc., but, unfortunately, this is basically not feasible in Russia, since a huge number of high-status people are interested in ensuring that the majority of the population still does not know such important things.�
    3. The opinion that school education is not necessary. Unfortunately, this is a very common opinion in our time, which I consider completely erroneous. School, along with proper upbringing, makes the child more socially adapted, opens up new opportunities for social interaction. It is at school that the child receives basic knowledge about the surrounding reality. Of course, I do not deny that everyone should develop themselves. But not excluding the educational process, but in parallel with it. Solution: Educational institutions should take measures aimed at increasing students ' interest in the learning process. Great attention should be paid to the introduction of more practical exercises that would allow you to better assimilate the knowledge gained, as well as evaluate the benefits and application of the information obtained in real life. The same attention should be paid to extra-curricular time, establishing new events, clubs, and sections. The simplest thing is to at least invite students to watch a TED lecture and discuss the topic from the lecture. City administrations and numerous useless ministries could organize various events and competitions that would also contribute to the improvement of the educational process. But, as you understand, this will not happen in Russia under the current government. There's no money, but you're holding on. �
    4. Unwillingness to think independently, easily succumbing to other people's manipulations. This point follows to some extent from the point about self-development. Unfortunately, I personally often see situations where just a couple of ambiguous arguments can convince a person of something. Moreover, this applies mainly to young people, since older people often have a more or less formed opinion on various issues. What does this lead to in the future? To the mass of the population that now prevails in Russia – to people who, instead of using rational thinking, resort to stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality. That's why people vote for Putin – because they were once told that he was a strong leader who would lift the country from its knees. And these people are very, very uncomfortable with the fact that they have been wrong for so long, and the person they voted for has brought the country into even greater decline. That is why, so that they do not have a cognitive dissonance in their head, their brain comes up with dozens of reasons and excuses, the fruit of which is also various conspiracy theories. Something off-topic a bit, so let's get back to our problems. Solution: analyze all incoming information and everything that is said to you. Especially if you feel that they are trying to convince you of serious things related to politics/sociology, etc. Don't make it easy for your brain, make it think.�
    5. Unwillingness to take responsibility for your own life. In fact, this item includes everything that is written above. People postpone solving questions about their present and future until the last moment, which leads to a spontaneous choice with unpleasant consequences. Solution: Start asking yourself these questions: Who do I really want to be? What do I like? What do I get? What sources of revenue can I create? What can I do for myself that will benefit me in the future? Learn to blame your failures not on your parents, others, politicians, or the country, but primarily on yourself. When you learn this, you can find real solutions to almost any problem.
      A little advice from me in the form of a question that can change your attitude to what you do. Before you start doing anything, ask yourself: will this benefit me in the future? You will see the results almost immediately.

    I apologize in advance for some political negativity, but unfortunately, this is the truth that needs to be faced. The post also significantly reduced, many ideas were not presented due to excessive volume.�

    If you liked my presentation of my thoughts on this issue, you can always ask me a question, to which I am happy to give a detailed answer.

  5. If you forget that young people are different. If you answer as they do in “100 to 1”. If we assume that education is conducted in consumerism, it is total. Then the answer is simple. 1 – 5.Money. The Tins already know that everything is bought and sold. That all problems are solved by their universal equivalent.

  6. The author above gave a wonderful answer, from myself I will add a couple of points.
    The imposed ideals of the older generation (well, this is from the Paleolithic period), the fashion for depression, unconstructive criticism of everything (“I am against because I am against”), for example, this refers to criticism of the political system. criticizing – offer a real alternative, and I probably won't remember more. In general, I think that young people now (16-20 years old) are much more thoughtful than we were at the time (I'm 23). It was a revelation for me)

  7. There is an entertaining “joke” on this topic, which, like love, is beyond age. Fools and roads.
    I would probably shorten it to a single word. Fools.
    Further – more.
    The question is based on the meaning of each individual's life, since all problems are actually in the head, and not in life. Life is the world, and the world is physics. Physics can't have a problem. It just can't. No way. It has no evaluative perception, thinking, or meaning. It's just there. Well, of course not physics, but what it explores, I think it was already clear.
    Fools have little understanding of who they are and why, and many live by imposed dogmas, rules, and traditions. And they have problems, from small to “very large”. Then the girl left, then the guy (let's not be sexist this time), then the bus fare became more expensive by as much as three rubles, then the package was forgotten at home, and I had to spend as much as FIVE in the store. Even something very difficult is only emotions, this is the world, this is fate, and we only do what will be easier for us (or do what we think will make it easier, better).
    There are no problems. A lot of things are not present, but if the question is about problems, then here are such pies with kittens. Eat them, they meow.�

  8. I do not think that my problems will be relevant for 18-year-olds, I will try to formulate them for “my 24-year-olds”. Again, without claiming to be universal.

    1. A gold medal doesn't mean anything. (this is more of a problem of the past, but it is related to the present) If I had known that I needed to focus on a few subjects of the Unified State Exam and forget about the rest, then a lot would have changed. At the very least, a billion poor nerve cells would have been preserved and I would have gone where I wanted to go. But my grandfather was proud of me. By the time I was a student, I was so disillusioned with my model of life that I completely gave up on studying. By the middle of school,it turned out that knowledge was needed. Morality and the problem: don't listen to those who say that you can only get through with millionaire parents. Do not despair and try hard. Knowledge is needed, everything will be fine!

    2. Problems of the profession. You seem to be already an expert, you have a huge responsibility, but outwardly you are a little girl and the attitude towards you is appropriate. Thank you to those who understand that knowledge and level of responsibility do not always depend on the age, promotion, pathos of a personal page.

    3. Problems with living space. Here is some truth not understand, that now earn on its apartment this (okay not let's say, that feat), but damn harder, than in the USSR, when their for free gave. My husband and I invest in a mortgage, ride a domestic SUV:D Someone chuckles.. and what? It would be possible to invest everything in a wheelbarrow and rent a house. I don't expect an inheritance. Long life to all my relatives! Especially funny are the show-offs of those who live with their parents and ride in a wheelbarrow. Long life to their parents!)

    4. Give birth or career?�

    5. What will happen next? Have we chosen our path correctly? Is this happiness? I was carried away to philosophy.

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