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  1. Anamorphosis.


    Drawings on dirty cars.

    The use of body fluids for the production of works of art.

    Pictures with your own body.

    Three-dimensional image.

    Art and shadows.

  2. One of the most relevant areas of modern art is street art. Street art is unframed and designed for a large audience, if only because it is accessible to artists and as close to the audience as possible.

    At the same time, street art already exists comfortably within galleries and other exhibition spaces. The price of works and recognition by the author is growing. Street wave artists are creating more and more significant social and community projects.

  3. Among the types of modern art, you can distinguish graffiti (yes, this has been an art for a long time), sand sculptures, anamorphoses (these are 3D paintings on asphalt, very impressive), body art (drawing on the body), sand painting. These are not all types, there are dozens of them.

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