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  1. Re succumbere non oportebat, verbis gloriantem. he shouldn't have given up in action if he was a hero in words. Or to put it in a modern way – “Be responsible for the bazaar.”

  2. “Carpe diem” is a popular Latin expression meaning live in the moment, present / catch the moment, moment. It belongs to Horace, but I heard this saying in the movie “Dead Poets Society”, if you want to understand what it means to “live in the moment”, then I advise you to look at another great picture. There you can find many other expressions in Latin.

    “Memento mori” – remember death, says to approach life more humbly, not forgetting about its transience


    Who would know Hector if Troy was happy?

    The phrase was in a Latin textbook and caught my mind. This reinterpretation of Homer can be interpreted as “there is no silver lining”. The glory of the greatest hero of Troy was worth the destruction of the city. Isn't this the world balance?

  4. Fas est et ad hoste doceri.

    Ars longa vita brevis.

    Adhibenda est in iocanda.

    Amicus certus in reincerta cernitur.

    Aurea mediocritas.

    And many others.

    1. “Victuros agimus semper, nec vivmus nunquam” – “We are always going to live, but we never live”.

    2. “Stat sua cuique dies” – “Everyone has their own day”.

    3. “Omnis ars naturae imitatio est” – “All art is an imitation of nature”.

    My golden three.

  5. Totum se viam abiebat ” -Everything went according to p_zda.

    I've used this expression many times.Makes a variety of lunch swear words and everyone thinks you're very smart.

  6. “barba philosophum non facit” which means “A beard does not make a person a philosopher”, a good way to let down a person who has played near-intellectual games, especially if most of his face consists of vegetation)

  7. One of my favorites: Bárbarus híc ego súm, quia nón intéllegor�úlli (Here I am a barbarian, because no one understands me.) It was written on my school notebook. And I like not only the meaning of the expression, but also the way it sounds, so sometimes I say it out loud to myself.

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