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  1. It so happened that I studied at two institutes. My first higher education is a Bachelor of Philosophy. But from the second year I went to another university because of a youthful crush.�

    I say right away: “A diploma is not just a prospect.” By itself, a laminated piece of paper, even with a suitcase of academic knowledge, is not worth much in modern realities. Student years are the best time to study a lot of things besides the program issued by the department. These can be either adjacent skills, or diametrically opposite. Let's look at the example of specific two professions.

    My mom and dad are historians by training. So I know about the pitfalls of both specialties firsthand. What can be identified in common for such a specialty is an extensive information base about geopoitics of different eras, an excellent vocabulary, the ability to analyze and compare realities with past days.�

    My fellow students in philosophy have gone into the following areas::
    – journalismTV
    politics (deputies ' assistants and other heresy)
    – science and teaching ( and then the exchange programs were thrown over the hill)
    – became marketers (having mastered the tool deck)
    – went to recruiters ( because they had a good skill to talk people out of it)�
    – advertisers, PR
    artists and designers

    In general, they were scattered in all humanitarian spheres. Fortunately, they were smart enough to spend 4 years not sitting at a desk, but on self-development.�
    Such an education provides an excellent deep educational base.

    Yes, this is not a profession like “I'll be a doctor and I'll definitely find a job – people always get sick”, or “I'll become a programmer, there's a PO in bucks”. This is a common mistake – because there are few really good specialists, and because of this illusion of money and stability, the labor market is oversaturated. You have written your life path directly in your diploma (my God, what a verbal overture). Such a diploma gives you a chance to go in several directions at once to find what kind of business you like.�

    The answer to the question “what is the perspective?” – good! And don't even doubt it.

    Therefore, just understand that you don't need to waste time on a diploma – waste time on developing a variety of different and, sometimes, even delusional skills. No one knows which one will one day pull your ass out of unemployment/midlife crisis and just put wind in your sails.

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