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  1. As my friend said: “so all this is not the meaning of life for him”

    To the question “Then WHAT is the meaning for it?” The answer is: “So he had secrets that no one guessed, feelings and experiences that he hid from everyone”

    By the way, we talked about Chester and I agree with her opinion.

  2. A person may have disagreements with themselves. As strange as it may sound to you. Each of us has our own deeply personal experiences, which can accumulate without being able to get out.

    Loneliness is a great factor for this. Not physical, but moral. When you can not find understanding from others, and when your perception differs significantly from others.

    And then you realize that you are all alone, and you will be left alone. And there is no longer the strength to go further, everything immediately becomes more complicated. You start to wind yourself up, look for problems where there are none, attach too much importance to small troubles.

    The peak experience in this state is bound to happen, and then you will hardly be able to control yourself.

    Such cases./

  3. Depression. The loss of something very significant for a person. Health problems, constant seizures. Only a dream job and family can't make a person happy. There are always obstacles.

  4. Because of the set. The most banal thing (especially with our health care system) is unbearable pain with an incurable disease. (An example is the suicides in 2014 of Rear Admiral Apanasenko, Vice Admiral Ustimenko, and Major General Saplin.)

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