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  1. Yes, they really never happened, these disputes. This is such a Marxist fiction that it all comes down to them. If we take, for example, Aristotle's critique of the atomists, it is not materialism in itself that bothers him, but the fact that their teaching seems to him internally contradictory.

    Marxism ideologizes this contradiction, turning it into a religious dogma – you are either a materialist or an idealist, and the arguments of one are completely meaningless for the other, they cannot come together. However, Aristotle still argues for his criticism, although according to Marx, he should simply brand the opponent a heretic, since this is how ideology works.

    One-sided abuse of idealists from the Marxist camp cannot be called “disputes”.

    However, now this manner has been adopted by the reverse side, but this is also not a dispute, this is a srach.

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