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    • Clarity of the subject matter of the question, and it is desirable that there is only one subject. For example, it is better to ask: “Where does atomic energy come from?”, rather than ” Where does atomic energy come from and in general what is an atom and energy and how are they related?”
    • It follows directly from the first criterion: the limitation of the subject matter of the question. A good question is always one that can be answered in a few words or two or three sentences. Broad questions (such as” What is a person?”) have no value.
    • Lack of references to speculation and rumors, especially little-known ones. Of course, you can ask: “They say that bald men have a stronger libido, is this true?” (the hypothesis is quite common, and this question can be answered very clearly by a specialist), but it is better to say: “What factors influence baldness?”
    • Correct use of words and generally competent language skills. Unfortunately, this is not always evident in the questions – – – the general level of language proficiency of native speakers themselves leaves much to be desired.
  1. First of all, the question should not be simply Googled. You should not ask what sepulchres are if there is a large article on this topic on Wikipedia.

    Second, the question should not be based on questionable presuppositions. You should also not ask why all Christians are crazy, because not everyone thinks they are crazy.

    Third, the question should not be formulated in such a way that it cannot be answered in an obvious way. Is it true that all scientists are in a conspiracy to deceive the public? How can you answer this question? The point is not even that there is obviously no such conspiracy, but that he does not and cannot have such evidence that you could have predicted. If there were real evidence of a conspiracy, it would be known to everyone and the conspiracy would not exist, and the evidence itself would be easily Googled, see point 1.

  2. The wording should clearly, clearly and unambiguously express the essence of the issue. Yes, this is difficult to do. I often ask finding questions or ask for clarification.

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