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  1. This question cannot be answered succinctly and clearly, because depression has many faces. It can manifest only as mental symptoms or only as physical pains and sensations, or it can be a combination of all of these. To understand what depression is, it is best to read one of the chapters of the book.” Authors: Daria Varlamova, Anton Zainiev. Well, here it is http://depressia.info/�good site.

  2. We have already mentioned that depression can manifest itself in very different ways and not only in the form of “mood swings”.

    However, fortunately, depression is one of those disorders that can be diagnosed independently and seek help.

    For example, this method. 5 or more of the following symptoms should occur for at least 2 weeks:

    • depressive mood
    • significantly reduced enjoyment or interest in all or almost all activities
    • loss of appetite, weight (both in the direction of increase and decrease)
    • sleep disorders (similarly , either sleep problems or non-stop sleep)
    • psychomotor agitation or inhibition
    • reduced energy and increased fatigue
    • feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and low self-esteem
    • inhibited thinking or reduced ability to concentrate
    • suicidal thoughts and tendencies
      In this case, you must have 1)there is at least one of the two symptoms highlighted in bold, 2)the sense of self is really different from the usual state for yourself, and 3) this is not due to taking any medications (or refusing them) that may have these symptoms as established side effects.

    If your suspicions are confirmed, you should seek professional help and not self-medicate.

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