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  1. I can't imagine how this can be retold briefly and clearly, so I'll give you links that will help you understand.

    First, a quote from the novel:

    • But let me ask you, “the foreign guest asked after a moment of anxious reflection,” what about the proofs of the existence of God, of which, as we know, there are exactly five?”

    “Alas! “None of these proofs are worth anything, and humanity has long since handed them over to the archives. After all, “you will agree that in the realm of “reason” there can be no proof of the existence of ” God.”�

    • Bravo! “Bravo!” cried the foreigner. You have fully echoed the restless old man Immanuel's thoughts on this matter. But here's the funny thing: he ” completely destroyed all five proofs, and then, as if in mockery of himself, built his own sixth proof!

    Five Proofs – a reference to the famous work of Thomas Aquinas Summa of Theology in which he gives five proofs of the existence of God:

    Here, on the wiki, is a summary of them.

    I can offer a brief popular summary of Immanuel Kant's thoughts on this subject here, at Kuraev's.

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