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  1. Hello, you are right, small details in pictures can be liked more than they are themselves. One of my favorite paintings is Ilya Repin's “Don't Wait”. My favorite fragment is the surprised children who took the arrival of their father in different ways. The girl opened her eyes in amazement, not believing what was happening, and the boy was genuinely happy. At the same time, they were both instantly distracted from their everyday activities.

  2. It's a bit mainstream, but the hands in The Creation of Adam just fascinate me! Such precision and awe at the same time. This is what immediately came to mind.

    But there is also a funny thing, the merchant's face from the Major's Matchmaking makes me laugh very much.

  3. Definitely the small mirror in Jan van Eyck's Portrait of the Arnolfini Couple. It's fascinating. Not because there is something interesting drawn there, but because this is a new dimension, through the looking glass, in the literal sense of the other world, i.e. on the other side of attention. And a caligraphic inscription above it.

  4. Good afternoon! The Little Dutch were real masters of secret fragments, the meaning of which is clear only to them. So, I like the picture “A Fan's Visit” by Gerard Terborch. It looks like an unremarkable picture, but I suggest you pay attention to the hands of young heroes 🤭

    A young girl invites the cavalier to enter and puts her thumb between the fingers of the other, and the young man, understanding her hint, dutifully brings 2 fingers into a ring. Friends, we just found out about the couple's plans for the next night! That's how a small gesture of the hand filled the picture with a special psychologism.

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