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  1. Paintings (at all times, as it is very expensive). Until now, museums around the world suddenly find out that they have fakes in their expositions. For example, a high-profile fake scandal broke out in 2017 in Italy, where Modigliani's creations were displayed in the Genoese Doge's Palace. What was the surprise of fans of creativity when the exhibition was suddenly closed due to suspicions of the authenticity of the paintings. It turned out (after examinations) that only one canvas was real, all the others were fake! Amedeo Modigliani is considered one of the most frequently copied artists in the world: after his death, more paintings were discovered than he created during his lifetime (at least 1000 fakes, most of which were made in the 80s of the last century).

    The temptation for plagiarism in pop and rock music is also high.

  2. Nowadays, classical works are practically not forged, but they can fake modern art (comics, books, scripts last for movies…).

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