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  1. Somehow the features of modern society remind me more and more of the characteristic features of the lunar society, so if you didn't read it as a child, and if you did, reread it!, two stories by Nikolai Nosov from the series about the adventures of Dunno “The Adventures of Dunno and his Friends” (1953-1954) and “Dunno in the Sunny City” (1958) and the fairy – tale novel “Dunno on the Moon”.

  2. The current generation lives in an era of consumption. Aldous Huxley once wrote a dystopian novel “Brave New World”, which perfectly shows our modern consumer society, albeit in grotesque colors. I advise you!

  3. Personally, I discovered a lot after reading the books of Alexander Nikonov. He describes the stages of the formation of civilizations and societies in a very fascinating and informative way, and without any bias in conspiracy theory or conspiracy theories, but for me, who has been interested in this particular topic for a long time, it is very organic and added puzzles to the picture of the modern world order. He has a lot of books, so in the context of your request, I would advise you to start with the History of Frostbitten…, Monkey Upgrade, The End of Feminism….. The Fate of the civilizer, the Formula of immortality, has greatly expanded and expanded the worldview. Well, if you do not read, then listen to the lectures of General Petrov DOTA (A fairly General Theory of Management) and COB (The Concept of Public Safety). Films by Galina Tsareva (I want to stay human, for example). Read the Tavistock Institute and the Committee of 300 on the same topic.

  4. Those who answered above reasonably noted that we are now in the era of consumption. I think that, what a surprise, “Consumer Society” by Jean Baudillard will do. It's a philosophical book, but it's easy to read. I was even able to master it))))). Here is part of the description from the Wiki:

    Baudrillard believes that a consumer society is a society of self-deception, where neither true feelings nor culture are possible, and where even abundance is the result of a carefully disguised and protected deficit, which makes sense of the structural law of survival of the modern world.

    And I would also recommend” Fight Club ” by C. Polanik. So to speak, for dessert))).

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