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  1. For several decades, almost all American schoolchildren studied the Harper Lee bookTo Kill a Mockingbird. However, over the past two years, it has almost ceased to be studied. The book is not prohibited! It's just that the corporation that inherited the copyright after Lee's death banned the cheap paper edition popular with school libraries. Schools and students themselves can still buy a book in electronic format, or a much more expensive hardcover edition. But practically, without a cheap library edition, schools will no longer be able to study Lee's book in class. A source

    Lee's book focuses on a false accusation of rape. The heroine's father is a lawyer who unsuccessfully tries to save the life of an African-American man falsely accused of rape. According to current concepts, children are not allowed to read such books. Children are now taught that women should always be trusted, even if the accusations are implausible and obviously false. (Except when Bill Clinton is accused of rape, of course.)

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