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  1. In my opinion, the most vivid help is the series of articles by A. Sapkovsky “Varenik, or There is no gold in the Gray Mountains” and G. L. Oldi about the MTA. It also tells you about typical mistakes and tips on how to do one or the other correctly.

  2. In general, you can divide all images of fictional universes into 2 variants(namely fictional ones) to serve to the viewer.

    I will use the example of the already slightly forgotten, but weighty world of the Witcher and his followers.

    1 – the universe itself, in general, sideways. The sufferings of GG and their relatives are interesting. Fiction is just an entourage. This is the canonical Witcher from Sapkovsky. Also, this is about an ordinary scenario in any TV series from Netflix etc.

    2-let's move the suffering of GG a little and focus on the description of the world.. Complex, incomprehensible, not fully disclosed.. Which doesn't exclude personal relationships.

    Here I liked the Guardian of Pekhov.

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