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  1. Anthony Kenny – A New History of Western Philosophy

    Scott Soames – Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century

    Alan Schrift – The History Of Continental Philosophy (eight volumes)

    In Russian, nothing is better than a few translated volumes of Copleston and John Passmore's book “One Hundred Years of Philosophy”, in my opinion, there is no.

  2. Reading in the original language is the best choice. Textbooks on philosophy and the history of philosophy will NOT introduce you to philosophy. Read books by contemporary philosophers. I strongly advise you to start with Merab Mamardashvili's book “How I Understand Philosophy” + “Essay on Modern European Philosophy”, etc. books, F. Nietzsche, E. Husserl, Martin Heidegger, Gabriel Marcel, V. Bibikhin.

  3. do you need it because you are interested, or professionally? that is, if I say that there is no philosophy now, it will not interest you? but now there are no works that reduce philosophy to a single denominator. because it doesn't exist. read Fromm and Heidegger… it's nonsense…

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