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  1. Definitely Coursera, “Introduction to Philosophy”. Not only do they look at the very basics, starting with metaphylosophy, but they also provide a huge amount of additional materials: lecture notes, links to other resources, books.

  2. Bertrand Russell “The History of Western Philosophy” will help, to some extent, to form a general idea and understand in which direction to move.

  3. philosophy is not a closed system of beliefs,

    this is the science of reasoning, how to achieve interesting answers by comparisons and analogies.

    all the philosophers talked about what they were interested in, no one can dispute that you can become a philosopher about your favorite field.

    read your topic on the Internet, on forums, etc.

  4. There is such a website “open education”, which contains courses in various disciplines from teachers of Russian universities. Listening to courses is free, there are a great many topics. There were two courses in philosophy, I don't know if they are available for recording now, they are just the very beginning, plus texts by different philosophers and works for testing knowledge are available.

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