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  1. Let's be honest, you're kidding me, right?�
    This (and this particular one, yes, as well as a bunch of closely related questions in one way or another) appears on TQ almost every day. Or even several times.�

    But in fact, you could only search in the search.�
    Here is a very complete and detailed answer.

  2. Merab Mamardashvili “Essay on Modern Philosophy” – this is if you are tired of reading about the ancient Greeks all the time and want to move closer to the present. This is a recording of the author's lectures, made from an audio recording, so the feeling that he is talking directly to you is one hundred percent (although the structure of the story suffers a little). Mamardashvili also has his own original view on everything, and it is interesting to see how philosophical trends were reflected in history – that they were not accidental, but really were a product of their time. The only caveat is that the book is difficult (more difficult than Bertrand Russell), you need to focus and think all the time. I couldn't read it on the subway)

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