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  1. A few years ago, I compiled a personal list of large-scale works, novels and novellas that not only made a great impression on me once, but caused, I will say this, artistic delight. I've reread many of them. Yes, not once.

    I admired both the honed prose skill of the authors, which consists in putting the verified content in an ideal form, and the consonance of the writer's heartstrings to my bearded soul.

    I only took the 20th century. I'm still thinking about the list of the nineteenth century.

    Here is a list of those books that I remember for the rest of my life.

    It includes Jack London, Ray Bradbury, Evelyn Waugh, Richard Aldington, Ivan Yefremov, Nikolai Nikonov, and others.

  2. The list can be quite long, so I'll highlight my top 3 domestic ones (we're only talking about fiction): “Invitation to Execution” by Vladimir Nabokov,” Moscow – Petushki “by Venedikt Yerofeyev, “School for Fools” by Sasha Sokolov.

  3. For me, this is Stieg Larsson's “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy. And, surprisingly, the entire Witcher anthology-I loved fantasy as a child, but I didn't think that it would drag on so much after many years

  4. For me, it's Harry Garrison:

    1. Indomitable Planet

    2. Ethics Specialist

    3. Mounted Barbarians

    Surprisingly exciting books, I took one of them off the shelf as a child and am still impressed:)

  5. If you like children's literature that is understandable for everyone, where you can forget about problems for a while, then here is a list:
    1) Eleanor Porter: “Pollyanna” and “Pollyanna Grows Up”
    (The first book is about a small, cheerful girl who, at the age of 11, was left an orphan. She had been forced to go to her sulky Aunt Polly, who had only taken her in because of a sense of unfulfilled duty to her dead parents. Well, then you will find out if you plunge into reading this work;
    To be honest, I didn't have time to read the second book, but I think it will be just as interesting as the first one)

    2) Lena Jones: “The Secret Key”, “The Secret of the Gatekeepers”, “The Secret of the Silver Serpent”
    (A series of books about the girl Agatha, who loves detectives and is not averse to opening her own detective agency. But fate decreed otherwise, and now the girl
    will have to face different dangers and new unsolved cases)

    3) Andrey Zhvalevsky and Yevgenia Pasternak: “The time is always good”
    (The book is about a girl from 2018 and a boy from 1980, who miraculously switched places. Under these circumstances, they learned the laws of this or that time on “their own skins”. Also, when reading it, you will be able to plunge back into the memories of the USSR, and your children will be able to clearly imagine how they lived in those days.)

    This is where my list of children's literature came to an end, I hope you have a good reading 🙂

  6. I really liked the book “The Source” by Ayn Rand. About an architect with his own opinion and opinion. Principled, moving forward, no matter what. Inspiring.

  7. The most powerful book I've ever read is Henry Marsh's Do No Harm. Stories about life, death, and neurosurgery. I read it in zahleb and having lost my sense of time, I had a chance to experience the whole spectrum of earthly feelings and emotions 🔥

  8. John Galsworthy “The Forsyte Saga”, an extraordinary book about the intricacies of different destinies and lives. Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion is an elegant and ironically serious book. Alexandre Dumas “The Count of Monte Cristo”, my desktop book. S. King “Gray Trash” is tough, disgusting, terrible, but instructive.

  9. I can recommend a collection of short stories from Maugham Somerset, two volumes read in one go. Each story introduces you to new characters, quickly introduces you to the course of business, provides a very bright climax and also a very fast denouement

  10. If it is fascinating, without any special philosophical and psychological frills, then:

    A. Dumas “The Devil's Gorge”

    Maria Semyonova “Valkyrie”

    Marina Dyachenko “Ritual”

    Robert Galbraith is a series of books about detective Cormoran Strike.

    Boris Akunin-a series of detective books.

    If so, to think about it:

    Ivan Yefremov: “Razor's Edge”, “Thais of Athens”

    Stanislav Lem”Solaris “

    The Strugatsky brothers “Picnic by the roadside”

  11. Vladimir Bogomolov “The Moment of Truth” (“In August of the forty-fourth”). A bright adventure book on a military theme. It is more suitable for teenagers and young people, but it can also be interesting for mature people, especially with a description of the activities of Soviet counterintelligence.

  12. I can't tear myself away from fantasy books )

    For example, “House at the crossroads”, “Academy of Elements”, “Lane”, in general, in that spirit. Now I am reading a series of books “Dark beginnings”, it is a foreign author.

  13. If you love history, England and Tudor times, then I recommend the Alison Ware series of books about the wives of King Henry 8.
    There are 8 books in the series, each book is dedicated to one of the wives.
    Books are easy to read, as if you are transported to the era of those times and watch how England was built and how it was not easy for his wives.

  14. Veniamin Kaverin – 2 captains. An unrealistically interesting book. I read it several times in one breath, and how I relived the story of the main characters

  15. It is absolutely impossible to advise here. People read Stephen King – they've read it all over again – I don't feel like him at all. You can't recommend books any more than you can recommend music. The probability that your taste will match the taste of the person you are advising is incredibly small. Someone calls some book boring, and there is a storehouse of wisdom, masterful descriptions, hidden meaning, and those who understand and appreciate it, read this book. And vice versa. And, of course, associative links with personal experience are of great importance, the range of interests and even values of a person. Sometimes a single phrase in a book can change the attitude to it in the opposite direction.

  16. I have several of them:

    * “Harry Potter” (all books)
    * Catherine Wilmont detectives
    • “Enola Holmes(all books)
    That's all I wanted to say. I generally love fantasy and detective stories.

  17. I advise you to read it:

    1. Stolen Happiness (Eroraman) by Ulyana Soboleva in 2 parts.

    2. The strangest noob (science fiction) by Anton Stony in 3 parts.

    3. Jack Vyacheslav Kiman.

    4. The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain.

    5. Turgenev's fathers and children.

  18. I can recommend A. Mertsalov's book “Life and one day”. A very exciting action-packed novel. It is read in one breath. I'm sure you'll like it

  19. Kate Morton's “Lake House”! I read a lot, I'm picky, but this is the first time I've seen such a book. Really, I couldn't tear myself away! I recommend you to read it!

  20. Harry Potter and Methods of Rational Thinking. If you log in, 2 thousand pages will fly by unnoticed. You don't have to read the original.

  21. Cool book ” Flowers with the scent of cruelty “(author Lavina). I read it in 2 nights. the plot captures, keeps in suspense until the denouement. sometimes shocking. Krch cool detective story or novel, I don't know which category is more correct

  22. The most relevant thing today, in my opinion, is “Brave New world”. This book, a modern dystopia, is worth reading. By the way, if you haven't decided where to start yet, you can watch a short video on Yandex. Efir https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vK2uO4RyrV4A (brave new world) and https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vuT1Rp0KohSA (1984). By the way, don't forget Orwell's Animal Farm. It is impressive that the whole plot of “Animal Farm” can be transferred to real events, to the current reality. Orwell, of course, is still such a “Wang”. Not everyone will like the book, but it's worth reading. If in doubt, I advise you to watch the book first briefly in the video https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vDxL6xy0rmCI and then decide for yourself.

  23. I gulped down Orwell's Animal Farm and Burgess's A Clockwork Orange. It is very interesting to read Stanislav Lem, but it is difficult to single out anything in particular. Still, Terry Pratchett would advise.

  24. It depends on what you like. I love fantasy and science fiction. Start with Snegov's Men as Gods. Then try M. Fry's “Labyrinth”. If you want to introduce children to reading, take Babkin's “Slimp”. Semyonova's “wolfhound” is also great.

    We must look for OUR own.

  25. Mikhail Kharita “Fishermen and winegrowers”, there is also in audio format, a wonderful reader Sergey Chonishvili. Very interesting story, I think you will like it and brighten up your leisure time.

  26. Martin Eden of Jack London. Foreign classics that leave behind an “aftertaste”, food for thought. Only at the end I felt sorry for the main character, I thought how much more he could do.

  27. It depends on who is fired with what. Many people will be surprised, but I am interested in books about the history of design and architecture. For example, on the website of elite ESM there is a large catalog of books on these topics. For example, the history of fonts and mosaics, m?

  28. “A Stranger's Letter” by Stefan Zweig

    The Austrian writer Stefan Zweig is a recognized master of the short story. His novels are distinguished by unusual and dramatic plots that make one wonder at the complexity of human destinies. Zweig's three famous short stories “A Stranger's Letter”, “Amok” and “Twenty-four Hours in a Woman's Life” are collected in a harmonious collection.

  29. Ekaterina Matveeva “The Story of one in-law”. The book is based on real events, it is an absolutely real story of one broken life. I was so shocked by the fate of this girl that I could not tear myself away while reading, as soon as I had a free moment, I read, and after completing the book for a month and a half I constantly thought about this heroine. The ending of the story is completely unpredictable

  30. Books by Galsworthy, Feuchtwanger, Dombrovsky and Lyudmila Tretyakova, as well as all the classics.Read it and enjoy it,and I'll envy you. What a blessing to read everything for the first time.

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