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  1. I've spent my whole life thinking, and finally I've come to the conclusion that a single DNA molecule can't kill you. After all, even a piece of chocolate, a piece of wood, a molecule or a water compound can easily kill

  2. In general, you can die from anything, although if you lie on the bed all day, nothing will happen. Yes, and suicide attempts are different, but it is better not to do this, because you need to value your life. Of course, I know that everyone in life has had some critical and difficult moments.. Remember! You can handle the challenges!

  3. to die of laughter through tears – the people of the Russian Federation have been crying for the 4th decade…! )) In general, you can die from anything, another thing is that the Slavs are very tenacious people, it seems that if there is a nuclear winter – we will go out to play snowballs.., true tentacles, but did this ever stop us?!

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