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  1. if we discuss solipsism as if from the outside, then there is no refutation of it .. even if a GOD descends from the sky and hits you (the solipsist) in the forehead, and then creates a unicorn out of nothing, this does not refute the illusory nature of what is happening ..

    and even more so, it does not refute the record of sleepwalking .. there is no sleepwalking .. there is only a record that you came up with yourself that would show it to yourself with the hands of relatives, so that you could once again argue with yourself (in their person) about what is real.

    the refutation of solipsism comes from solipsism itself, as soon as a person really plunges into “sincere” solipsism, then he has doubts about the reality of the idea of illusory itself … if the Solipsist is honest, then he must admit that the idea of illusory is also illusory !!! .. and thus return to “realism”.

    a thing that reaches perfection turns into its opposite (the concept of yang-yin in China)

    thus, the refutation of Solipsism is solipsism itself, and it cannot be refuted from the outside.

  2. As for the example, it does not refute solipsism, but in general, even if we assume that you are the central subject, it does not matter.
    In general, this is a very infantile idea, it turns out that the consciousness has less knowledge than everything around it, i.e. the subconscious. The subconscious mind is the overwhelming majority, and the conscious mind is a pitiful nonentity.
    In general, it would be necessary to define the central subject. But let's take the abstract. He has no knowledge at all from birth, he has no pure reason, he only develops within the framework of society and forms his subjectivity, all his ideas about the world, only on the basis of this being, this fantasy. That is, fantasy, as a superstructure, itself determines the basis, and completely. This contradiction of concept and object is resolved only by recognizing being as the basis and consciousness as the superstructure, i.e., being determines consciousness.
    Still, in an argument to refute all this empty chatter, and not only this, it is permissible for those who consider our world to be a matrix, the law of conservation of energy can be cited. In our world, energy cannot appear at all, but can only be transferred from body to body, and it can never disappear anywhere. Similarly, matter is eternal, it passes only into different forms, and also a permanent attribute of its existence – motion-because there is no matter without motion, and vice versa-the same is eternal.

  3. No.

    you were before you fell asleep and you are when you wake up. And you can't say you weren't there when you were sleeping. And even if you were unconscious , you were definitely unconscious, not ” wasn't.”

    “Conscious” or “unconscious” are your states, not you. You're there anyway. And maybe you were sleepwalking, but you just don't remember it.

    Best refutation of solipsism: “Loneliness is a good thing when there is someone to tell about it”

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