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  1. Have some tea. Good tea will help stimulate the brain, this is a scientifically proven fact.

    The main stimulant in tea is caffeine. Caffeine actively stimulates the activity of the nervous system, helps to cheer up and increases performance. An equally important substance in the composition of tea is thianin. It, in combination with caffeine, has a very mild and effective stimulating effect on the human body. The most important thing is that the caffeine in tea does not have a depressing effect on the human body. As a result, you will be in a state of vigor much longer than if you drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink. This unique combination of caffeine and tannin can only be found in natural tea.

    Another unique substance found in tea that improves brain function is catechins. Catechins reduce the risk of depression, increase concentration, learning ability, and performance.

    To improve brain function, I recommend drinking Oolong teaGaba Alishan, it improves blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Very well improves brain function and restores strength.Mate. Palace Pu'er will help you to cheer up and recharge your energy for the whole day. White TeaBai mu Dan improves your reaction time, memory, and energizes your body with vitamins. Green tea, for exampleMao feng-improves mood, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and perfectly quenches thirst.

  2. Hello!

    To improve brain function, there are a number of sports and other supplements:

    • vitamin and mineral complexes
    • DMAE is a substance we already get from regular food. It is a versatile supplement that is used to improve memory and attention while stimulating nervous activity.
    • Ginkgo Biloba Extract-helps to improve blood circulation in the brain, which leads to an improvement in its performance
    • Lecithin – is directly involved in the transport of impulses between neurons in the brain
    • Water – yes, it is the lack of fluid in the body that can impair brain activity
    • Sources of choline-helps to normalize the functioning of memory, thinking and other mental functions.

    Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercising regularly is also important for improving brain function.

  3. Nootropics, of course. Good-phenotropil, but in some cases it causes irritability, but performance will definitely increase. Mexidol + actovegin in a bundle give a good result, activity appears, you get less tired, cognitive abilities improve, you think better. Mexidol is still good for those who have VSD. Lucetam is weaker than mexidol, but it also helps to keep the brain in good shape. Nootropil, pantocalcin. They are sold without a prescription.

  4. It is recommended to drink adaptogens, for example, ginseng tincture and eleutherococcus tincture, which tones the body well and improves brain activity. In case of overwork and possible upcoming intense brain load, it can be used without damage to the body.

  5. Vodka.
    When you drink vodka, your brain function will get worse, and by tomorrow evening, when the headache goes away, your brain function will improve again compared to this evening, and you will be very happy about it.

  6. Eat nuts + 10% result

    Drink dietary supplements discovery excellent student + 20%�

    Doing sports relieves nervous tension that prevents the brain from working

    Meditate by scientists proven!

    • improves brain function

    • increases the strength of all muscles during training from +30%�

    (The result grows faster)

    • increases your pain tolerance
  7. For me personally, the best thing that improves brain function is the adrenaline produced by the body at times when the brain needs to perform a small feat. All exams at the Institute were passed on the basis of adrenaline inspiration. Once, a kind classmate gave me some kind of pill “to better zdat” – I pulled out a ticket and began to stare blankly at the questions. I was completely calm, my mind was a Buddhist void, and I didn't have a single idea about the ticket. Well, I mean, if I knew exactly the answers to the exam questions, of course, I would still answer, but who knows all the material when? In general, I had to transfer it. Well, in post-institute life, deadlines are the best way to stimulate the brain. Adrenaline kicks in, neurons start frantically building crazy connections, and based on some vague memories, associations, logic, and luck, you usually get some consistent picture 🙂

  8. So, guys, I'm looking into it.

    I am a weak person, mentally I get tired very quickly, I need 12 hours of sleep to feel good. However, any alcohol, various painkillers, nicotine strikes, marijuana – they don't take me. Probably this proposal had a place to be…

    During the Unified State Exam, I just, frankly, got so fucked up that I didn't want to forget about it all and go after school to work as a cashier in Pyaterochka.

    Noopept and Phenotropil are good things, but very expensive for me. Yes, and they say that there are a lot of side effects.

      1. Now it will be banal. You need to follow the order of the day, sleep well, sleep on weekends as much as on weekdays, BUT if it is very difficult for you, it is better not to strain yourself.
      1. Try to eat right. But if you want to eat a chocolate bar, why not? Just do not overeat, wanting to experience a feeling of extreme satiety.�
      1. Vitamins. I forgot the name of mine, read the reviews. They are very important!
      1. Glycine
      1. Lucetam
      1. Pyracetam
      1. Ginseng or �Eleutherococcus tincture
        All this does not work immediately like Noopept and Phenotropil
      1. Sports�
        – All these pills increase weight, 4 cups of green tea a day also does not hurt (improves metabolism)
        – Physical activity improves mental clarity
    • Sometimes I drank Caffeine sodium benzoate, I don't know why… everything from coffee is invigorating, on the contrary, I want to sleep: (
      It was a terrible year….
  9. I think that such drugs are not sold just like that, especially in rashka, where everything has become a precursor and on prescription. People, on the contrary, try to make morons out of people, stuffing them with blue and fast carbohydrates.

    The main thing is to eat right, eat more protein (especially for men), and vitamins.

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