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  1. For example, you can learn how to embroider a cross in a day. You can learn how to cook a particular dish( for example, a complex cake recipe). You can learn how to transplant flowers, learn the basics of playing the guitar, piano, and any other instrument). And in general, the main thing is to set a goal)

  2. You can learn how to write term papers in a day

    You can watch 24 hours of cosplay guides

    In a day, you can learn SMM (and possibly master it perfectly)

  3. In a day, you can not just learn something, but set yourself a goal that will change your life in the future. A kind of start-up (if I used the word correctly).�

    You can sit down and think for 10 minutes about what you would like to connect your life with. Even if you start a band, even if you make a movie, and if you really want to do it, you will find thousands of ways to achieve this goal, and someday, after a few years, you will remember the day when you set this goal for yourself and realize that that weekend was not in vain.

  4. Okay, here we go

    Per day, you can:

    Learn how to quickly build a Rubik's Cube

    Learn a lot of foreign words�

    Master photo / Video editors

    You can learn to perform basic tricks on a bicycle/skateboard / roller skates, etc.

    You can learn to swim

    Learn to play a musical instrument

    Learn Pascal

    Learn a few cooking recipes


    Learn to play chess

    Learn the basics of photography/videography

    Practice self-defense techniques

    Learn how to build a big house of cards

    And the list goes on forever

    By the way, I advise you to watch the channel where the author tries to learn something in 23 hours

    This is not an advertisement. Cheslovo.

  5. You can learn the basics of generative design in just one day. Learn the basic “moves” of Processing and Cinema 4D. Make your first class papers (to the envy of your friends).

  6. During the day, you can learn to count up to�86400, given that 1 digit will be called per second�

    You can learn the basics of editing and master a little photoshop

  7. I learned to provide first aid in theory in 5 hours�

    become more vigilant, read about different types of scams/divorces�

    learn how to act in emergency situations (fire, terrorist attack, etc.)

    it's not hard, but it's very useful

  8. During the day, you can learn how to collect a Rubik's cube 3x3x3 method for beginners. It is interesting, and some friends, having learned about your skill, will probably treat you as a more interesting person.

  9. You can learn more than 1000 foreign words per day for a short time. If you want to keep the words in your memory longer, then repetition is a good teaching, but on other days.

  10. The basics of composition, coloristics, and some other things that are not the last place in photography. In theory. And if there is also a free person, then even in practice.

  11. Considering that we spend a lot of time viewing garbage in the feed (of any network). You can learn 20 new words in English in a day, even with any app on your phone. �

    20*365 = 7300

  12. You can learn how to collect a Rubik's cube and other puzzles. Learn the basics of editing in Sony Vegas and Adobe Photoshop ,which can be very useful.

  13. play 3-d shooters, provided that you have never played them before, and did not sit at the computer at all. (God, it's been a long time!!)…………………

  14. Learn ~3500 test questions (thank you, my beloved honey)
    Famously fold clothes like skillful girls/boys in stores
    Prepare a few simple pasta sauces
    A couple of simple exercises to relieve your back�
    And techniques of self-massage of the face (only with clean hands, please:D) to shine with a toned face 🙂

  15. Within a day, you can become a good PC user (learn how to manage all the components, master various key combinations, etc.);
    Get the basics of working in Photoshop, FL Studio, and HTML markup.
    You can learn how to cook different cereals according to the optimal condition;
    You can learn how to search for synonyms for words.
    Play ditties on the guitar 😀 (and not just ditties).
    Iron (if you had problems with ironing before);
    Ride a bicycle;
    Draw people's profiles.
    Congratulate your friends in an original way � happy birthday (come up with your own cool greeting card).

  16. I'll teach you how to clean the foam from beer in a minute. You take Lays chips (I don't know about the others), dip them, and the foam goes away by itself. Here is such a live hack.

    • Learn to play�knocking on heavens door on guitar. And sing along.
    • Learn to juggle. (youtube has very accessible video tutorials.)
    • And you can also pick up on the tops in very different areas: economics, geography, Nietzsche's philosophy, internal combustion engine design, dietetics, the history of winemaking in Russia, the history of disco music, mobile photography skills and much more.
      The main thing is to start and not score… but this is a completely different story.
  17. During the day, you can learn how to embroider, knit, take care of any thing( for example, shoes, drag. metals, stones), learn some technique (for example, breathing, speech), you can learn how to draw simple drawings

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