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  1. I can say that in many cases, to take advantage of good luck, you need to have the appropriate experience, skills and attentiveness, so that you can see something useful for yourself in certain circumstances and events. It often happens that in hindsight, a person understands that in some situation he had a lot of positive options for the development of events, but he did not see them, as a result of which he screwed up. And also in case of failure, you can see exactly what you did wrong and what you did not take care of in advance.

    All the same, in human life, a lot can happen quite randomly and a person will not be able to fully control it. But you can increase or decrease the probability of many events on your own. And also be prepared in advance for any positive or negative options.

  2. I can't say I've been unlucky in my life. I've had” white “and” black ” stripes in my life. I can't say that I'm a lucky person. I perceive luck as a chance that is usually given from above. A person has a free choice to reject this chance or accept it. In fact, each person is given a huge number of chances in his life, which are divided into those that he sees and those that he does not see. Invisible chances are realized much later. I had a moment in my life when I was a friend of a girl in my youth. I didn't want to be romantically involved with her, but then she started acting weird, like she wanted something. I didn't understand it at the time. Now I can see her motivation clearly. She wanted to turn our relationship into a romantic one and tried to “force me to act”for this. She made hints that I didn't understand in my youth, she tried to arouse my jealousy, and so on. And in the end, she quickly stopped all our meetings and then did not even answer the phone calls – just disappeared. Then I was perplexed. Now I see it as a chance that I didn't see before. No, I wouldn't have immediately changed my attitude towards her, but if I hadn't behaved so stupidly, then perhaps at least friendly relations would have been preserved. And so it turned out that she “read” my reluctance to react as “he just doesn't care” and immediately decided – “why do I need such a friend at all?” There are visible chances – I will not describe them in the examples. In addition to visible odds and invisible odds, there is also human choice. A person can choose to ignore the chances they see, such as making them invisible. In the Gospel, such people are called” blind ” because they have made themselves so. And then luck is a combination of conscious efforts (once), a person's choice in relation to the chances given to him (two), and the spectrum of chances given above – three. It can be expressed symbolically: “Luck is the intermediary between a person's conscious will to act and his ultimate life destiny.”

  3. It is certainly present. But the probability of its appearance can be increased by talent, hard work, perseverance, intuition, and self-improvement… Luck loves the strong!

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