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  1. I have one friend, drummer Dima Oslyakov. Smart, gentle, polite and intelligent person. He doesn't smoke or drink at all. He listens to a lot of different music in different styles, including Cannibal Corpse.

  2. A couple of years ago, I came across this and similar articles, but I didn't check the original sources anymore.

    “Scientists from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh decided to test the relationship of musical preferences with the intelligence of listeners. The results of the research were a big surprise for parents. It turned out that rock music lovers are the smartest, and rappers are the most “narrow-minded”.

    In the course of the study, scientists interviewed 36 thousand people from different countries of the world. To determine the level of intelligence of volunteers, scientists used classic IQ tests, as well as a list of questions on the general education school program. Perhaps scientists set out to prove to teenagers that listening to heavy music and rap is not safe for their brains. But the results surprised the researchers themselves.

    “One of the facts that surprised us the most was that fans of classical music and heavy rock are very similar, “quotes the words of Adrian North” Pravda.<url>”. To the delight of teenagers and to the chagrin of parents, the highest intelligence was demonstrated by fans of classical music… and rock! “In society, there is a stereotype of a heavy rock fan as a person who is in a deep depression with a tendency to suicide, it is generally assumed that rockers are dangerous elements of society. In fact, they are harmless, and even useful for society as a whole. These are very subtle natures, ” the scientist emphasizes.

    However, as life shows, in adulthood, many rockers join classical works, while not giving up their favorite metal.

    Fans of rap, hip-hop and r'n'b were recognized as the most “narrow-minded” – they showed the lowest IQ test results. But they, like reggae fans, show enviably high self-esteem and sociability. Jazz and blues fans do not suffer from self-eating — their self-esteem is also high.”

  3. What can you say about the intelligence of a person who likes Russian rap? Who likes techno? But this strange guy who likes jazz? Yes, nothing can be said about the intelligence of people, based only on their preferences in music. Well, only if a person is not limited to this most brutal des, rap or jazz or the devil knows what else, and if he is limited, then I have bad news for him anyway. Because limitations are one of the biggest obstacles to intellectual development. And everything else is nonsense. I know one professor(who I must admit is a smart person) who loves all sorts of extreme metal, while attending various classical concerts, not denying himself good electronic music. At the same time, I recall a classmate who, apart from “mitol”, did not recognize anything and was a complete dullard. So everything is very conditional, and not tied to a specific group or genre.

    Although Russian rap…Well I don't know, I don't know, I have doubts after all(joke(no joke))

  4. I listened to this music once and realized that if you listen to it for a couple of days, you can go crazy!! Evil, aggressive, satanic music.

  5. In October, British astrophysicist Matt Taylor (the same one who participated in the Rosetta mission to land the lander on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko) came to Moscow.

    So, he listens to Cannibal Corpse and generally loves Death metal.

  6. Rather than talk about the music itself, I will do a little differently, and say that Jim Carrey is a long-time fan and friend of this band. And I don't have the heart to call him very smart.

  7. As a person with a fairly high IQ, and who listens to Cannibal Corpse, I can say that you need to “come” to this music. It's not even heavy metal, like Metallica or Iron Maiden, when guitar riffs are replaced by beautiful lyrical solos.

    Korps are real music professionals who can create harmony at extreme speeds, which may seem like chaos and a set of sounds to an untrained listener. I came to brutal death metal through Scandinavian death metal, and at a certain point that level of heaviness wasn't enough.

    However, you need to understand that Cannibals are only one of the facets of music mania. And such music still needs to be diluted.

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