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  1. Elena tiredly clung to her savior and completely trusted him and his friend. After all, no one else can save her. Heroes escape from the chase through a dense forest. No human foot has set foot here for a long time, even forest dwellers try to avoid this part of the forest. Only dark colors can convey that evil reigns in the world from which the heroes are trying to hide.

    The beautiful and richly decorated clothing of the heroes shows that the heroes belong to the royal personages. Elena's pale blue dress, pearl beads, and embroidered headdress are the clothes of Russian beauties. Ivan's caftan is embroidered with gold threads, a sword in a scabbard with precious stones is on his back. On a dark background, they look like a ray of sunlight lost in a dense forest. So that everything was not so gloomy, the artist in the foreground depicted a blooming small tree. No matter how scary it is, no one will catch up with them. The wolf does not help Ivan to lose his bride again.

    Despite the fact that the heroes rush through a dark forest, where even daylight can not break through, you know that everything will be fine. The wolf is about to say: “Everyone has arrived, I can't go any further!”.

    Composition Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf description based on Vasnetsov's painting

    The painting “Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf” was presented to the World Art Museum by V. M. Vasnetsov in 1889, based on the plot of the well-known folk story “Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf”. Looking at it, you immediately remember your childhood, how you sit in front of the TV, watch this wonderful fairy tale with delight and interest, and there are a lot of emotions in your head: concern for the characters, a happy ending. I want to be like Ivan Tsarevich, as strong, brave and beautiful as Elena the Beautiful, as elegant and kind and a Gray wolf, always ready to come to the aid of his friend, even in the most difficult moment and even give his life for him.

    The painting “Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf” was a success for the painter, as if the canvas came to life, you immediately understand all the emotions of the characters. The prince is alert and focused as he looks around, peering through the dense thicket, his face simultaneously showing his courage and concern for his lady of the heart. Elena tilted her head to the chest of her liberator, our beauty's eyes gloomy and a little tired. The gray wolf rushes forward quickly, its open mouth and outstretched tongue betraying its exhaustion, that it is holding on by force, not daring to ask questions, this thereby expresses the power of the predator, its strong spirit.

    Vasnetsov devoted a lot of time to the details of clothing. The author drew even the smallest detail of the clothing element. Ivan is wearing a luxurious caftan made of precious fabric, woven with gold threads, and a belt made of emeralds, dark gray gloves decorated with wonderful patterns, a bard's hat on his head, and colorful, red boots. Vasilisa the Beautiful is a princess with thick wavy curls that flutter beautifully in the wind. Her clothing is a picturesque, sea-green dress with a golden coating on the sleeves and some parts of the clothing. A fabulous pearl necklace hangs around the princess ' neck. On her feet are luxurious boots, on her head is a gold cap covered with precious stones.

    The landscape is very inspiring: a magical, fairy-tale forest, tall dense trees, dried grass. On the right, in the foreground of a green forest, you can see an apple tree blooming, this indicates a great love and the birth of a new life path. The gray wolf will bring our couple back safely, and they will live happily ever after, just like in a real fairy tale.

    Description of the painting Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf in free style

    This picture is beautiful, but it is called incorrectly! There's not only Ivan, but also the princess on the gray wolf. It is strange that it is ignored… Maybe this is a hint that she seems to Ivan? I wanted to steal the princess, but it didn't work out. And from fear, it seems to him that he stole it. But no, it can't be, it's just the wrong name.

    The picture itself is dark. On the background of a dense forest. Seeing things in the dark (or really) scary faces. The trees are overgrown with moss, the branches are dry-terrible. At this moment, the wolf jumps across the lake. There are even water lilies. Maybe it's a leap to freedom? That is, now all the bad things (the dark lane of the road) will end. After all, there is a cherry tree growing on the other side of the lake! And not just grows, but also blooms. Or maybe it's a magic tree that can hide them – hide them. That's what usually happens in fairy tales.

    The wolf is a beast, and his eyes are intelligent, just like a human. I think he was a werewolf in a fairy tale. But a good one.

    He runs very fast – even Ivan's sword is almost gone. Everyone's hair is flying. The wolf, in general, flies in a jump. He stretched out his paws – the claws are so terrible.

    The princess is a bright spot in the picture. Yellow-blue. She's wearing a blue cloak, a gold dress… and gold boots. Стиль Stylish girl. She has a precious pointed cap. Now the girl is in shock, her face does not express anything. But no! Expresses resignation to fate. “What is will, what is not … it doesn't matter!”� Her hair is disheveled. Don't let it get caught on a tree branch! Or he'll just fall off the wolf.”

    Source: Essay on Vasnetsov's painting Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf 4th grade description

  2. You need to write a few words about the author of the picture – V. M. Vasnetsov. About his work.

    Write down the year in which the picture was painted.

    Tell us in a couple of sentences about the work of the author, bringing in the end to the plot of the picture.

    It is best to convey the plot of the picture by describing the plot of the fairy tale itself.

    After that, you can describe the feelings and emotions that this picture causes you. Describe Ivan Tsarevich's posture and facial expression. Do not forget about the princess, her emotions are also important for understanding the picture.

    Symbolic in the picture is the red color. In the essay, you also need to pay special attention to this.

    You also need to emphasize the surrounding nature-trees and a blooming apple tree.

  3. It is worth referring to the plot, which is the basis of the picture. The plot of the famous fairy tale is taken as a basis: The Gray Wolf helps Ivan Tsarevich to overcome the trials that fell to his lot.
    In Vasnetsov's painting, Ivan Tsarevich, carefully embracing Elena the Beautiful, rides a Gray wolf through the dense thicket of a fairy-tale forest parting in front of him.

    You can briefly describe the traditional struggle between good and evil forces and refer to your feelings by answering the questions: did you like the picture itself or not? Why?
    In what colors is it made?

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