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  1. It is worth noting that in iPhones all the same for people). Namely, from the iPhone 6s, the iPhone got a taptic engine, which is completely different from the usual motor with a displaced thrust that is present in other phones. Taptic engine helps to give the user a new tactile sensation when using the screen.

    But there is one drawback. I had to sacrifice some battery capacity

  2. Due to the vibration motor.

    The vibration motor for the phone is basically an incorrectly balanced motor (electric motor).

    In other words, the load attached to the motor shaft is not centered, but slightly offset, which causes the motor to oscillate slightly when moving. By changing the weight of the load, the speed of the motor, the distance from the shaft to the weight, you can change the number of vibrations to the desired number.

    Thus, you can make any object move at a given frequency (vibrate). Today, such oscillating motors can be found in a wide variety of technical devices, from massagers and robots to pagers and cell phones.

    Источник – https://paratechnik.ru/princip-raboty-vibromotora-v-telefone

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