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  1. I'll add some thoughts.

    If you are going to rent or buy a building, be sure to check the security of the building. If anything happens, repair what is wrong or restore it. After all, this is the future destination for a large number of people to visit, and it should be a bulwark of safety for people from young to old.

    While the building is being prepared for the necessary appearance, do not waste your stirrup in vain, constantly study the latest up-to-date information on the necessary art topics. Create a list of ideas for yourself and future exhibitions. A list of famous names. A list of unusual art samples that would be nice to place in your gallery. In general – immerse yourself in the creative environment, accumulate knowledge. Write out a plan for the next half year.

    Think through the image and highlight of your own gallery. How exactly will your gallery differ from others?

    Get a good programmer (preferably at the same time that he also smm-schikom was) to attract the masses to your creative brainchild.

    Don't skimp on the expositor. It is he who is able to give the gallery the desired flavor. It is important to do this efficiently.

  2. Register a legal entity, purchase or lease premises. Preferably at least 200 sq. m. The space should include: actually, an exhibition hall, an office, a storage room for works, technical premises. Next, assemble a team. A gallerist doesn't have to be an artist, but he has to understand and love the visual arts. You will need: a curator of exhibitions (the one who initiates and conducts them), an expositionist-this is the one who places works in the hall, and a PR person for working with the media. And now the main thing to start with: (even before the premises and registration) you need to make a concept. What the gallery will post and what it won't. Authors, trends, trends, and types of visual arts. Then create a database of artists, contact each of them for cooperation, and only after that, after assessing the degree of their interest, start the project.

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