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  1. Knowledge is a real state of affairs, a person's belief based on facts and rational arguments. Based on the fact that the addict during sobriety realizes that everything he felt was “fake” as a result of exposure to substances, he did not receive any positive knowledge. At the same time, the use gives knowledge with a minus sign, which would be better kept secret. About everything in order.

    1. Positive experience
    2. Negative experience
    3. Memo

    1. Positive experience

    Depending on the type of drug, you can get different states at the click of your fingers: happiness and energy, calmness and confidence, pseudo-expansion of consciousness, hallucinations and delusions.

    In a sober life, to achieve such states, a person performs some actions, spends energy. And it gets a result that stays with it forever or for a while. Drugs allow you to eliminate the need for any actions other than extracting money and searching for bookmarks. At the same time, the result obtained is short-lived and illusory.

    2. Negative experience

    Tolerance level

    Each new use requires a larger amount of substances to achieve the effect. Due to the fact that all drugs are toxic, there is a dose that the body simply cannot process. Depending on the substance, this dose causes overdose, coma, or immediate death.


    Drugs are addictive. It is not necessary to invent the number of uses after which this dependence occurs. It occurs immediately. There are no secrets here — the monkey presses the button, gets the result.

    After stopping the drug, a person experiences withdrawal symptoms: depression, anxiety, melancholy, anger, irritability, stress. These conditions are caused by the fact that the drug artificially increases the level of neurotransmitters in the brain, which are responsible for all positive emotions. The brain notices that it is helped and the independent production and exchange of neurotransmitters stops. There is a deficiency of serotonin, dopamine, GABA, which results in the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome.

    The danger is that it is no longer possible to increase the level of neurotransmitters in natural ways, by eating, exercising, having sex, or achieving results. I need a drug.

    After a very short time (for example, when using Alpha-PVP immediately after the first use), the state of withdrawal is so severe that absolutely all thoughts are directed to a new use. And there is no question of any willpower here, no matter how strong the addict becomes, he will not stop being a drug addict, life will not be the same again.

    Addiction always ends with the same thing: I know that such a dose will kill me, but I can't use less. There is also suicide, but this is after taking certain types of drugs and in people with certain inclinations.


    ACH (acetylcholine) is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognitive functions. Drug use damages the ACH receptors, leading to dementia. I doubt that dementia can be called some special knowledge of a drug addict inaccessible to a teetotaler.

    Diseases of internal organs

    Due to constant poisoning of the body, the work of internal organs is disrupted, chronic diseases worsen or new ones are acquired:

    • brain
    • heart and blood vessels
    • liver
    • the pancreas
    • kidneys

    And no, it's not a slight tingling sensation. These are very specific hepatitis, cirrhosis, heart attacks, strokes, amputated limbs, drooling from the mouth. Of course, you don't see it, your friends are healthy and cheerful. There is a time for everything.

    Social issues

    Problems with parents. It doesn't matter who started it first, whether your parents create problems for you or you create problems for them. The important thing is that they already exist and with the help of drugs you will only aggravate them, alienate all truly loyal people from yourself. Well, you will gather pseudo-friends around you.

    Problems at work. Forget about moderate consumption. It doesn't happen. Tolerance increases and a small dose simply ceases to work. You actually become incapacitated without increasing the dose. You can fool yourself with myths about moderate consumption, but you can't fool chemistry. Remove your rose-colored glasses before you start using them, so that the drug doesn't rip them off when it's too late.

    Growing up. While your peers will develop, learn to live, you will learn to search for other people's bookmarks. If you do eventually go into remission, imagine who will need you with a few years ' delay in development?

    Moral problems

    Drugs, especially modern synthetics, will take out of you all the sexual deviations, the beginnings of which you had on an unconscious level. Oh, believe me, you can unwittingly surprise your friends and soulmate and forget about such a concept as reputation forever. It's already 50-50.

    Material problems

    Sooner or later, you will have to ask for help in treatment from your loved ones, if they do not turn away from you. And this assistance is also calculated in amounts with five zeros.

    3. Memo

    Does the addict acquire knowledge that is different from that of the average person? Gets. But they are not connected with understanding something, with moving forward. They are connected to the “bottom”. Open YouTube and look at the consequences of using it. If that doesn't scare you, if that's what you want, then of course drugs are what you need. Only in advance it is better to close in the company of co-consumers so as not to interfere with others.

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  2. Hello! It is not surprising that this is interesting for those who want to know the beyond.

    But this is not always useful , believe me. Even if they know, it doesn't make them happier, healthier.

    A person who has learned drugs is likely to enter a special state that opens up another world to them.

    Not infrequently, we hear that a person is drunk to hell. That is, his “Squirrel” visited. So, it can be attributed here. It happens faster with drugs. Often creative people use drugs in order to understand the depth of music or something else. But the fact that they end up in a world called the astral, that's for sure. This world has the same feature. Everything is real there. The body is just as solid, the floor is smooth, the legs walk and the houses have roofs. In general, this is the same reality. And this is a phenomenon. How can such a world be real , not real? It can drive you crazy. And in this world, many surprises can be expected. Everything that a person has in his thoughts is negative, it manifests itself in matter. All fears, all resentments and other feelings can seem to a person. So I don't envy those who have seen their demons firsthand. Sometimes happiness is in ignorance.

  3. the same thing that people who have tried themselves with austerities of any kind know: psychedelics make it easy to change (read expand) consciousness, when without them it is necessary to undergo serious asceticism for the same result.
    such states are achieved by fasting and meditation, solitude and prayer, and concentrated meditation.. the problem of drugs is the weakness of the untrained mind, unable to overcome the animal desire for pleasure of a very different and sophisticated sense, which for many negates all the positive effect.
    not to mention the sort of people who seek only empty entertainment and pleasure in drugs, which compromises the very idea of a ticket to a more subtle world.

  4. This topic is more esoteric than medical. People who use drugs don't know any more about life than “the rest of us.” It is immediately obvious that the questioner is not many years old. Self-deception and “escape” from reality are the lot of the weak, and this is rather a curse.

    To understand certain secrets, you need to raise your consciousness, work on yourself, and become worthy of the innermost knowledge. Otherwise, it will be equal to a monkey with a grenade. What is high and valuable cannot be cheap.

    The Bible says,”Do not give holy things to dogs.”

  5. They know things that those who haven't used anything don't. Makes sense, doesn't it?

    Those who use drugs are often familiar firsthand with the so-called social bottom, because of being on it, they often start to drink up, trying to drown out their problems — a person who is doing well is very unlikely to get into it; and if he tries something, he is unlikely to take something systematically. Some people who have experimented with entheogens and powerful hallucinogens like LSD know where all the mysticism comes from. These people are also much better than those who have not tried anything like this, they know almost everything about addiction — many substances cause it, and it can be quite difficult to get rid of it, and they experience it firsthand. Some of those who use something know how not to become addicted to a particular substance or get rid of a bad habit for a while or forever — I know people who quit one thing, but after a while tried another and got hooked again. Hardly anything else, since many things that are familiar to consumers of all sorts of fun and not very substances are also familiar to doctors and law enforcement officers, who do not always “have fun” themselves.

    And users of psychoactive substances know much better than non-users that the problems of addiction to any drugs, including legal ones (alcohol, tobacco, coffee), are very much hushed up in our country, and if there is information, it is served very one-sidedly, with a bias that “all illegal drug addicts should be transplanted, and alcoholics are just bad people”, which only leads to an inflated interest in the “banned” and, as a result, a lot of related problems. Those who are more unlucky than others are also aware of the unfairness of the prison system in relation to ordinary consumers. For our country, this is a terrible scourge, and it is not without reason that Article 228, Part 1/2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is called “people's” in prisons — a significant part of prisoners in Russia are imprisoned for storing psychoactive substances from prohibited lists in the amount that is purchased for personal needs, and not for resale. Basically, for escapism or curiosity, not for fraud, theft, leaking state secrets, or violence. I will not dwell in detail on the fact that drugs are also used as a tool for putting people who are undesirable to influential characters behind bars, as was the case with journalist Ivan Golunov and a bunch of unknown people who somehow offended the” wrong ” official, bandit or police officer; and cases when people are put simply for the sake of beautiful reporting, throwing bags of suspicious powder into their pockets-this is generally beyond reasonable. Unfortunately, most non-consumers are not fully aware of this.

    How do I know all this? I tried a lot of illegal things, mostly out of interest, and I got rid of amphetamine addiction and then alcohol addiction on my own, without rehabilitation centers or the help of a narcologist. Maybe I'll give up the last nasty stuff — tobacco — soon, time will tell. But somehow I didn't get hooked on the rest. Well, among my friends there were examples of both positive ones, when people got out of a vicious circle, and negative ones — someone received a sentence for an unfortunate piece of hashish more than “allowed”, and someone even died from diseases caused by abuse or overdose.

    In general, all this is a very complex topic that requires a public and adequate discussion, and not the transfer of feces between the parties. Alas, so far all this does not go beyond social networks and the format I mentioned, and it's a pity — many of the things I listed are better known not on your own skin, but from well-written literature, and certainly not from the shit in the comments. But as long as the authorities benefit from the drug crime, this will not happen.

  6. The question is not clear in terms of what is meant by the word drug. If you mean alcohol and heroin-scary drugs-that's one thing. If you mean everything in the lists, then absolutely everything is called drugs, even substances to which it is impossible to get used, for example. Either you mean mixtures that are also on the drug lists, but they are worse than drugs, or amphetamines and benzodiazepines that are sold in pharmacies on prescription and in therapeutic doses are not addictive or .. You can go on and on. And the answer is, if you were referring to amphetamine and tryptamine-type hallucinogens, then these are hallucinations, a normal person will not see them. I would argue that these are drugs, even dlk25 does not cause addiction. The fact that let's say you will die, taking hallucinogens within reasonable limits, is unlikely, the researcher Shulgin, who discovered and described hundreds of them and tested everything on himself and more than once-lived about 85 years, by the way, is not used to anything. So take and read his book Tihkal and Pihkal and find out what he knows that you don't know. Thanks for attention.

  7. I can say that I understood.
    What are true hallucinations and how do they differ from pseudo-hallucinations? What it's like to hear voices. Talk to them, listen to them. Trust them, even if they say that everything is against you, and there are cameras and sensors everywhere.
    What it's like to be a different person. What it's like to be God, or to communicate with him(s).
    Sex can be cooler than you think.
    Not all surfactants are pleasant.
    What things can a shattered psyche do?
    There is also such a thing as drug solidarity. If a person is not shit, he will always share or help to get it.

    I'll update my answer two years later:

    It becomes clear that at first drugs can really give you something useful, but this benefit will be fixed only, and ONLY if you stop using them before they start to bring only pleasure.
    When (and if from the very beginning) they bring only pleasure, there is still every chance to give them up, and this should be done. Otherwise, they will start to bring relief.
    If they bring relief, distraction from the mundane, and the feeling of pleasure is no longer from the effect itself, but from this relief, at the same time otkhodnyaks increase, which become stronger and longer from each application, and from them the need for distraction increases. Here it is already very difficult to refuse, but you can still do it without help. This is not yet a dependency, but it is already a “loop”. But if you feel that you are not coping, then it is better to seek help all the same. At the same stage, you start to get stupid, lose friends, and start having mental problems.
    You already feel bad WITHOUT drugs, and not just after you let go, and the reception just makes you in a tolerable state. This is already it, the same addiction. A minority of people are already getting out of this stage on their own. And it's scary to ask for help. But then only loneliness, pain and death. And it is unlikely that you will be able to return to normal life, even if you manage to get off.

    The above is true for all substances, with some exceptions.

    Unfair for:

    Marijuana. It does not cause dependence, only a few people fall into the loop, it does little harm to health, there are minor waste products, so you don't have to give up. But remember the cops.

    LSD, mushrooms, cacti.
    This is generally something from another opera, harm to health is practically not caused, but you can lose your mind with a single dose completely and irrevocably, or you can expand and pump your whole life. One application is enough to understand that there can simply be no dependence on this. It works on everyone in different ways, and on one person from time to time, too. No one knows how or who they will affect.

    Opiates, like heroin. It's a quick jump from the first dose to the last stage in an imperceptibly short period of time. All of the above can be tried, but this is simply impossible. Stupidly remember.

    And one last thing:
    All the stories of drug addicts end either tragically or boringly. And most often both.

  8. Yes, a lot of things, especially when you eat nzt for three or four days, washed down with lysergine, for dessert pervintin…)

    And they also know about the consequences and abstinents that destroy the body, mental and moral order in themselves and around, poisoning the lives of loved ones and killing them on the sly.

    Helical try to open portals astral, mental and td tal, consider themselves psychonauts exploring their soul…)

    LSD opens up such brain parameters and deep secrets that they have even begun to try to treat schizophrenia.

    They also know that our brain is connected to the ether and you can listen to the radio without turning on the receiver, and fans of psilocybin mushrooms, so they generally look at the world and people from another world.

    In the cultures of some peoples fall into a narcotic trance and think that they have learned the world and the future and light and darkness and all sorts of mud…))

    And also shame, shame, dirt, personal degradation and delight from purification with the understanding of real joy and happiness from getting rid of addiction and demons.

    Yes, and there are others who do not need anything from drugs, they know everything about life!

    This is already the big league – the initiates!

  9. Who knows what heroin is, for example, and the whole nightmare of opium addiction, the madness of such a life. This is a terrible life in a lie, often such a person starts stealing, because there is always little money for a potion. The dose increases, and with it the withdrawal rate increases, if there is no drug. A person suddenly realizes that he is ready to do almost anything for the sake of a dose – to deceive loved ones, rob passers-by on the street in the evening, skip work because he feels bad,forget about his immediate needs, because his main need has become a high, and a lot of other evil is done by a person who is hooked on powder, that is, to do

    Positive knowledge about life will definitely not increase, but the spoiled health – HIV, hepatitis C, confusion of mind, loss of any ideas about morality and honor, huge waste of money, because this stuff is not cheap-is most likely definitely provided for.

    In short, a complete set of negatives, as well as alcohol and other chemicals that essentially make a person their slave.

  10. And they know that there is no better way in nature to achieve the desired effect)! No natural reaction of the body can be compared with the reaction to the same event under the influence of a substance! I know from my own, unfortunately, experience..

  11. Hello, I want to answer your question, because I personally was in this situation for a very long time… Nothing in the life of such a person eventually pleases,in my head only the thought of where to get the money… You wake up and fall asleep with this problem, nothing is interesting, you don't care about what you were very worried about before, so I want to appeal to parents who have teenage children, try to communicate with your child on all topics and don't immediately swear or punish, it's better to be your child's friend and tell about this problem, and not run toThen the child will thank you! The main thing is not to be late…

  12. They know the pain of withdrawal , as well as the hallucinatory trips they have experienced. But all of them are waiting for a quick and painful death in agony. Therefore, there is not much to know there.

  13. If we talk about what they know exclusively, it is that the brain is a chemical reactor, and all experiences and emotions are caused by chemical processes, and not by some indefinite soul or will. Of course, there are many people who agree with this. But those who have not used psychoactive substances will not know this in practice as a direct experience.

  14. Even if something happens to the human consciousness and perception of the world under the influence of drugs, it is not worth the price that a person pays for it. ( Check out the paintings of Ciurlenis, I wonder…)

    Before me, many excellent qualified answers were given here. About the specific experience that the person who uses it gets through. Well, how will this experience help him and everyone else?

    I am extremely surprised that as soon as the respondent tries to convey a completely new idea that drugs are evil, they are ignored (for example, the beautiful answer of Bear Bones) �

    Do we really have so many drug addicts among our readers here? What, do you have to step on all the rakes in the world yourself? Everyone seriously thinks they're smart and strong-willed in this world, and they think they can get off before they get caught? But it's true-it's better not to start!

    Is it really necessary to jump into the elevator shaft in order to understand that it is deep?

    Those who have never tried and do not pull, know life more and better than those who have tried.

    A person who has stopped drinking and smoking acquires that mental clarity and calmness of vision that illuminates all the phenomena of life from a new and correct side. Left thick.

    15 minutes of watching a person in a state of withdrawal was enough for me for the rest of my life to understand that it is better in this life to die from anything other than drugs.�

    Among the answers, the idea flashed through that drug addicts know the value of friendship and a good attitude to themselves. The hell with it!�

    A nice, pretty, decent girl rejected the love of a good guy because of the delusional idea of saving a drug addict friend ( He is lost without my love, without me…) He led her through all the circles of hell and died 2 years later, leaving her completely broken and devastated, with a terrible sediment in her soul because of her bullying. He was only annoyed by her self-sacrifice.

    Between the ages of 20 and 35, I had a lot of difficult situations in my life as a musician, which I had to somehow get out of. There were people who gave up all their business and selflessly helped. Money, effort, time, and work. I was helped, and I helped. A truly friendly and fraternal relationship was established with them. I know that I can continue to count on them. We value our relationship.

    Once I met a drug-addicted friend in the city in a deplorable state. He volunteered to help me get home. It seems to be close, 20 minutes on foot. We walked for an hour and a half. He kept yelling at me not to leave him. Then with superhuman strength, he grabbed at everything and declared that he would not go anywhere. He asked me who I was. Then it was bad for him with all the consequences… In between, he would try to smash my head open, suddenly pushing me against buildings and poles. His wife, who received the body, was not particularly friendly and happy. And he himself, a few days later already adequate, called and asked why I was meddling in my own business…

    This is my personal experience of being friends with drug addicts.

    Wife �works �educator �in �student �Dorm �on �250 �places. � Every �year �September-October-November �goes �on �the �to �to identify � and �to make �to leave �on �removable �apartment �or �home �to �parents �people �20 �use �and �that �still �worse, spreading, �to � other �230 �could �quietly �to live �and �to learn…The collapse �furniture � and �doors �his �same �room �and �walking �in �than �mother �bore �for � all �the Dorm is �only �one �hundredth �their �feats…

    Worse �when � dependent �really �bad �and �in �one �tee shirt �he �escapes � in �Park �and �there �somewhere �falls �and �is disabled. �Then �all � living �need �to mobilize �on �search �body �while �it �not � frozen �and �not �earned �inflammation �lungs. �And �to convey �healthy � 20-year-old �bull �to �bed – heavy �task �even �for �four � strong �guys. And �who �need �such �entertainment �night �in �rain � or �snowfall? �

    And �vlupit �fist �for �window �glass, �cutting �vessels �so �that �soon �barely �could �to sew? �Jerk – one, �and �freeze �to �am �needs �all?

    I �hear �such �history �few �times �in �month � every �year, �and �well, �that �now �is �smartphones, �on �which � can �to remove �video �and �show your �amazed �parents �exploits �their �white �and �fluffy �Chad.

    And �someone �here �wanted �to tell �world �about �Nirvana �and �the astrals, �which �like �have to worry �consume? �Nothing �like that. �Only �idiotic �giggle �in �response to �all �happening �around �or, more often, �lying �in �own �vomit �in �a �vegetable � with �pointless �bulging �eyes… Don't “romanticize” the usage. �This �not �clean �sterile �Paradise �is �dirty �antisanitary �hell.�

    I can't imagine anything that would be worth such bullying of my mind and health.

  15. That they would die outright. For some reason, others believe that if everything is done correctly, then life will be long, healthy, and productive.

    This is not so, in 50 most of the teetotallers that junkies, turn into ruins, with rare exceptions.

  16. People who are in use only know what drugs look like, how to use them, how long each drug lasts, how it runs, where to get it, what dosage is needed to pop it, and other drug-related issues. That's all. All these fairy tales about the fact that drug addicts discover the secrets of the universe are just autosuggestion. The only thing drug addicts can know that ordinary people don't is how to deceive other people and get benefits

  17. The story of my drug journey… I had been using drugs for 15 years in various formats and was stimulated by an addiction to ACTION…

    but… When… I decided to quit anyway… I was stimulated to ACT (with the same force) my goal is to help those who are weak!!!

    CONCLUSION (or answer): NON-drug users know more about life than narics !!!!!!!!!!

  18. They know how sweet the forbidden fruit is;)

    This is not a matter of knowledge, but of the experience (state of the brain / body) that users have experienced. Most likely, these are people who are not afraid of everything that is banned (drugs), know what and how it affects a person and what consequences it can entail. At least you've read about it.

    After all, the state propaganda states that substances are bad, and prohibits them, although the real harm to the body and others that can be obtained from legal substances (alcohol + tobacco) is much higher than from what is forbidden-read in public foreign sources.

  19. First of all, it concerns the question of a real awareness that drugs are evil. Further, the conversation will be conducted exclusively about chemistry, cannabinoids are a separate topic.�

    Anyone who starts using it — finish it. You should clearly understand (if you haven't already) that regular and systematic consumption leads to three paths of development in your life:
    a) problems with the law, including incarceration;
    b) death from an overdose, or suicide;
    c) severe health consequences, and huge amounts of medical treatment if you suddenly try to get out.�

    Drugs literally burn out your brain. You gradually transform into an addict, and drugs become your everything. Your friends, your family, your leisure time, your hobbies, and your biggest expense. Soon you will begin to save on food first, then buy an exceptional minimum, in the “terminal stage” you will eat at best once every couple of days and then through force, and then not always.�

    As a rule, it is better not to take it by the end of the month, and especially at the end of the year, because other guys also have a plan to close. It is perfectly normal to raid by the end of the year (October-December), then your opponent will be especially active, and you, if you want to stay free, must be as careful and careful as possible. Also, you should be aware that all your dealers, no matter how well you treat them (and often girls enter into relationships with such people), can turn you in at any time. Or, if you are a salesperson yourself, then any of your clients can be caught not even with your product, but when they are caught, they can be offered to “help the investigation/law enforcement agencies”, and they will calmly lay you at the first opportunity. There was a case when the guy sold, and the girl used. They caught her, offered her assistance, and she agreed. As a result, they closed both of them.�

    Suicide on the slopes is absolutely real, do not neglect it.

    Admitting that you are a drug addict is very difficult and painful. Throwing is even harder. Many people think that to quit, it is enough to have willpower, and that in general the very fact of getting out of drug addiction is not a serious process. “Just don't use anything complicated“, “it's much harder not to start than to quit”, etc. — how not to do it. Throwing is really difficult, but, fortunately, it is possible. It is advisable to replace drugs with some expensive hobby, or something else, where you can spend money instead of using it. The bottom line is that you're much less likely to break down when you simply don't have the money to do it, and getting into debt is a big deal.�

    Abstinence (withdrawal) and bedtrip — in the worst cases, psychosis) – this is a real hell, which you will not wish on anyone. Abstinence makes you feel sick all over, hot and cold, and you can't think of anything but the dose. You can't concentrate on anything, you can't communicate with anyone normally, and you realize how fucked up you are, but this thought quickly fades into the background.�

    Drugs are no longer the prerogative of the lower and poor strata of the population, now they are everywhere. Everyone starts out differently, but the end is always the same. Drugs are all over the place right now. If you are a parent, take a closer look at your children, now they can buy with amazing ease. A lot of people start and try it from school, 80-90% of my friends were like this, and I met a lot of addicts.�

    Be sensitive to your loved ones and others. It is very easy to understand what someone is using. At the same time, concern will cause a greater response than condemnation and stigmatization. Everyone starts for different reasons, often not at all rosy, and you should not blame them for this.

    When used systematically, all social connections go whizzing into the abyss, and life passes like sand through your fingers.

  20. They learn things they don't need to know. and everything that is not necessary is useless, and therefore harmful. after all, these resources could be spent on something useful. Sometimes they learn things that they don't know “by suit”. Use opens the veil, but this is a cheating way, it is punishable. There is a natural way to expand awareness. It is commanded by the entire history of mankind, that is, it is maintained. To shift the assemblage point, we can engage in dreaming, recapitulation, silent knowledge meditation, and vision. To make this possible, you need to clean and train your body, and just to talk about it, you need to spend a lot of time. and here you can only get noodles on your ears))) there are a lot of exes in our party and we carefully monitor that they do not step back. the problem is that a weak person cannot control the changes and as a result they control him. he doesn't even notice how much he's changed. and the changes are alien, it turns out to be a scumbag. a creature without a soul. In general, stop by the Castaneda fan club on Zen. there's a lot there on your question. Although I didn't ask him directly, I did ask him casually. I would rephrase the question like this: what do people who know more about life than others know?

  21. As the ancients said about infinity, no matter how far you go, you can always reach out your staff even further. So, whatever ideal situation you create in life – whether it's a yacht, the tropics and six hundred and sixty-six naked virgins or a highly spiritual contemplation of nature on the banks of the Ganges, you can take the right drug and increase the pleasure of it a hundredfold.

    Because life is an ocean of beautiful and amazing shit, and the drugs in it are scuba gear.

    There, in the shit, calmness and indifference reign. A lone shitweed sways in the streams of shit. Flocks of shitfish scurry back and forth in their daily chores. Bigger shits absorb smaller shits. If you hit bottom, there's a brainless sea shit star giving a press conference surrounded by shitheads. This is where scuba gear is most needed – you can't get back from the bottom without it.

    Only drugs will teach you not to be afraid of injections and blood.�

    Only drugs are more readily available to explain to you that it is pleasant to vomit.

    Only drugs will show you that pleasure is inside us. They are equally pleasant in a cozy house by the fireplace, or in a pissing public toilet, or in a wheat field, or in a landfill among old tires, condoms and broken bottles.

    Drugs don't betray you. Drug dealers and drug addicts betray us.

    Drugs don't change you. They change you.

    Drugs don't leave you. You're the one who drops them to sink to the bottom of an ocean of beautiful and amazing shit.

    Drugs honestly and frankly kill you. This makes them very different from people who do the same thing, hypocritically wishing you “only the best”.

    And if you think that everything I'm saying is about you, then no amount of “smoking kills” warnings will help you. Welcome to the ocean, shit Captain Nemo.

  22. They know what meanness,betrayal,lies,cowardice,duplicity,self-interest and many other bad things they know better than others. Because if you are on the system, you see and experience it every day. The only bright spot in all of this, it's just fucking awesome sex. People who don't use drugs don't know that sex can be so intense.

  23. They know more fun, as drugs help the body get lots of dopamine. We have this hormone released, for example, after a good sex or a delicious meal. But the dopamine received from drugs raises the stakes, because it lasts longer, brighter, as a result of which the addict is no longer able to enjoy the little things of life, as we do. I generalize a little, because the experiences of different people may differ due to the individuality of the body, drugs and their reception, and so on. and so on.�

    A popular argument is some “discoveries” or, so to speak, you look at the world differently. Probably one in three people, after taking LSD, says that they began to look at things differently. Indeed, perceptions are changing. But this is how our brain deceives us. It often reveals things in us that we already knew, but didn't realize so vividly. If you are a schoolboy Petya, you will not create a new apple design after taking LSD. If you don't have the knowledge, then where will it come from?

    As for me, this is something that a person can come to over time. If he tries. And if he accelerates his brain not only with the help of drugs. Although drugs can speed this up, it's up to everyone to decide whether it's worth it.

    The most popular “discoveries” that I have heard from people who accept them are the understanding that we live in a system (you can just read Orwell), the understanding that happiness is not “in thousands, fashionable gadgets” – although it's just that if earlier a person could raise the level of dopamine by buying a new smartphone, now he is ready to sell it for a new tablet. And again, you can come to an understanding of this without drugs. I also heard a lot of responses like “you look at everything differently, you discover the world for yourself”, but no one could describe or organize the details, and the only thing they could offer me to understand this was “try it too”. That is, the person felt that everything had changed, but still did not realize what it was and what to do with it.

    That is, psychonauts mostly strive for spiritual enlightenment, but do not understand exactly why and with what they eat it. But we all strive to be happy in one way or another, and they just changed the path to their happiness.

    In fact, they do not make any extraterrestrial discoveries (and if they do, then they are illogical and irrational because of the crazy psyche). And by the way, about the psyche. Crazy people see things differently, and it's not that far from magic pills to madness. Then you will definitely not recognize your Petya, because he will know the complete astral plane.

    And remember, most scientists came to their discoveries without magic substances, but with the help of unlimited thirst for knowledge and hard work.

  24. What to do with an overdose, what drugs should not be mixed with what. You won't make any philosophical discoveries, except with leeser or other hallucinogens. Powders do not exactly give such discoveries, perhaps marijuana, and even then it is unlikely. We call everything that is convenient for the average person to call drugs, including antidepressants. But the drug in the Western sense is heroin and its derivatives, the rest is drugs. And so drugs drugs are different, you can not reduce all drugs to one denominator and say that they are all the same and the person who uses them discovers something for himself.

  25. The answers are very banal. But I'll try my best with comments. In principle, people who have passed through crisis states know and understand a little more than they knew and understood before.
    1. That addiction is a disease. This is a combination of hereditary qualities, the state of the endocrine system, and psychosomatic factors. A person who is clean after a long upotreby knows that just calling for good behavior will not make a drug addict feel sorry for him.
    2) That family members are also sick. Codependents, codependents – also hooked on the substance. You need to work on the disease together. Sometimes the user is clean, and family members are pushed by fears and nerves to use.
    3) That changing consciousness through substances is a path through the garbage dump. It is much more interesting to experience joy after your achievements, laughter after a good joke, dancing well, conscious sex, shopping with your own money. It is interesting to learn and apply skills in the profession, to develop independently. It is more productive to go on vacation with your own money than to go with borrowed or stolen money to the dealers. Believe me, this is a pleasant discovery for many people in cleanliness. It is interesting to keep up various conversations, interesting to read and learn. It is interesting to extract emotions yourself.
    4) Values change. It's funny for a drug addict to hear about the coolness of an easy life. About expensive cocktails, branded clothes. A surviving drug addict will buy a plum for 150 rubles and will get high from the taste, smell, and color.
    5) The addict knows how bad it is to be lonely, hungry, and angry. It will help if it sees people in such states. And it defines these feelings very well. If a drug addict has been treated or rehabilitated, they will tell their closest person about their feelings. And all the others keep to themselves.
    6) Doesn't live by stereotypes. “A man should not cry”, “A woman is weak”, etc. Tolerance is more developed. Mindfulness is the path to recovery. In rehabilitation, they teach you to think about your actions and analyze them. If the addict has gone through the placement, signed the steps, and through this came to purity, he sees things more clearly.
    7) He really appreciates what he has. If the addict got up from the bottom and achieved little, but his own, he is afraid of losing his family, trust, and values love.
    8) Doesn't take it for granted. A person who has seen the lower bottom of the lower hell, thanks for everything. It's like having had a serious illness

    Of course, everyone is different, the rules are not general. I'm talking about “dying, but revived”, about those who have worked on their condition. And the addict knows that there are no ex-addicts. Always remembers that.

    1. People who use drugs REALLY know what withdrawal and withdrawal symptoms are.
    2. People who use drugs know where to get them.
    3. People who use drugs know and notice humor in places where non-drug users don't see it.
    4. People who use drugs know that 12oz mouse is a masterpiece, not a stupid piece of shit hand-drawn by a schoolboy with no artistic skills.
    5. People who use drugs know how to figure out a person who is currently under the influence of drugs, even if they are not burning.
    6. People who use drugs know the effects of certain pharmaceutical drugs that people who don't use drugs don't even know about.
    7. People who use drugs know that the drug experience described in the book “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts is an extract from the experiences described by Timothy Leary's students and Castaneda's fantasies (or not fantasies).
    8. People who use drugs know that the scary word HEROIN, which was used to scare people off TV screens in the 90s , is diacetylmorphine, which was created as a non-addictive substitute for morphine.

    In general, drug addicts are very different from each other. There are social addicts who lead a quiet lifestyle. There are drug addicts who managed to get off, but fondly remember drug trips. There are drug addicts who, by means of drugs, have greatly changed their consciousness for the better. There are even some who have simply outgrown drugs.

    And most importantly, I am writing all this, although I have never used drugs in my life, it was enough for me just to have an open mind in communicating with these people and listen to what they say, and it is not necessary that at this moment they were in a state of drug intoxication. So the answer to your question is NO, and all because people who use drugs are willing to share information and even write books about it. If there is a person in your life who uses drugs and says that he has understood something, something inaccessible to your “limited” thinking, do not listen to him, but if you want to get “secret knowledge” by means of evaporation of your body, in a good way, this is your personal choice. But before you do this, think carefully: only a small percentage of drug addicts die of overdoses and break their lives, and no one is immune from being among them.

  26. They know the narcotic ecstasy and euphoria that ordinary people in their lives have never experienced, and they know what “withdrawal” is.

    And most likely they don't know anything like that, because their interests are drugs, they are all in their drug fantasies, they are not interested in life, they are interested in the buzz)

  27. nothing. all this is said just to somehow justify their addiction to drugs – no more. maybe shamans are somewhere in Mexico and can see something, reach some worlds. but they do not initially pursue the goal of using drugs – for them it is only a means. It's not like that with us

  28. Anyway, what we call dependencies is compensation, for example: some people eat up stress, they compensate for it with food, there are some who take hard drugs, compensate for negative social feelings, and are distracted from the real world due to this.

  29. The question is certainly interesting and many people will probably think that the person answering has gone off the rails..But I assure you, there are some things that it is better not to tell people, because what was told in a certain state to a person is at odds with all the arguments of philosophy and religion, and the whole surrounding world. So stay in the dark and live in peace.

  30. I will add to the above:

    Drug addiction is a serious illness that can last for years, dyasiteletiya. In the course of the disease, a person acquires skills that allow him to more adaptively tolerate it. Within the framework of drug addiction, this can be: knowledge in the field of pharmacology( to reduce the negative effect of “waste”), extensive postulates of drug use( basic and non-basic things that facilitate effectiveness in the drug sphere), of course, familiarization with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (one of the most pressing problems).�

    In the era of the Darknet, people who often dedicate it unwittingly become owners of special and narrowly focused knowledge. My friend (no longer uses) started with a simple purchase of goods through bitcoins, and ended up storing money in these very bitcoins.�

    Theses that were voiced by drug addicts (sorry for the stigma) most often:�

    1) “A lot of people use drugs, they are difficult to detect due to various factors, but there are more of them than you think”

    2) “Drugs are evil, but if you are already on them, then minimizing the harm is a very sound idea”

    3) “You always need to have an exit strategy, in the most difficult periods of life”

  31. Great question. About what those who no longer live can know about life, probably did not live before, and probably have already stopped doing it. What do drug addicts know about life? They are undead.

  32. under the influence of a substance, such reactions occur in the body… that do not compare with the reactions of an organism without a substance … unfortunately with a much brighter substance everything happens)the same sex, a person who does not use ever, does not know how bright sex can be under substances.

  33. that the psyche is not limited to the physical body and that reality is a dream, but here you are simply synchronized with space, and the body is a small microcircuit, and you are a being programmed from childhood. that time is an illusion of perception, due to the fixed parameters of synchronization, you have what is called a “sober state of consciousness”. but on the other hand, the fact that here you are as if tied to a point in space-time, despite the fact that you are in a boundless space (Universe). While here in this body, you subjectively perceive and feel space within certain boundaries, although everything is only the subtlest electricity, the feeling of the bed under me, breathing, seeing-all electricity and the principle of magnetism of the smallest particles. And they also know that will and time could not have appeared randomly out of nowhere, from the “big bang”, and reality as we see it is synchronized with something reasonable, if this were not the case, now I would observe a chaos of particles around me, because in order to interact with an object, it must exist at least for a fraction of a second before and after.

  34. Such people know that alcohol is also a drug.

    Such people are well aware that culturally drinking is no better than culturally using.

    But the cultured drinker will never understand this.

    Culturally, the drinker in his defense will list extreme cases and stories from the lives of drug users, the most repulsed of the repulsed. Although in fact, if in such stories “drugs” are replaced with “booze” – this will not affect the meaning in any way. Under the blue, everything happens the same and even worse.

    But I am sure that everyone who plusanut such stories sometimes like to bang vodka, drink beer under a barbecue, take a sip of wine from a glass…

    And of course, none of them associate themselves with drunks, boozers with a cuckoo gone crazy and ditched health. No one associates themselves with Uncle Mitya who runs down the street with an axe in a fit of delirium tremens. No one compares themselves to drunken thugs who beat someone to death in a drunken stupor.

    But everyone used the same thing-alcohol. And you under the barbecue, and that lady with a beautiful glass of wine, and these above.

    It's the same with drugs. It happens in all sorts of ways. And the one who relaxes with a beer is no better than the one who smokes weed for the same purpose. People who have used banned substances understand this.

  35. Disclaimer – everything is good in moderation and should be done consciously. Applies to any of the things in your life that give you pleasure. Remember this, because everyone is “sitting” on something – food, computer games, sex, etc.

    Be sure to study the mat.part before eating (preferably on the darknet), never eat something unknown in an incomprehensible amount – this is the easiest way to start with bad food. Start with minimal doses. MANY SUBSTANCES CANNOT BE MIXED. Alcohol+antidepressants, for example. If you can interfere, do it as carefully as possible (THC and alcohol). If you have now flashed the thought “what a nuisance” – you are cattle, PAV is not for you. If you are already firmly sitting on legal surfactants or feel that you are degrading your lifestyle, do not start with new ones and finish with old ones – improve your life. Visit a private therapist. It doesn't make any difference whether you get drunk or run away.

    Let's go.
    1. Many items seem to be made specifically for the convenient use of substances, and by using people. Apple Watch helps you monitor your heart rate when you eat mdma and in general помогают helps you monitor your body in general and minimize the effects. Jobs also used it.

    1. Films about banned substances in our country are much more interesting to review after the experience of using them. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ��

    3. A lot more people than you think have at least smoked / smoked pot and not only that. None of them “storchitsya”. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ��

    1. The fisherman to fisherman principle sometimes works.

    2. If you have experienced the effects of alcohol , you can roughly understand the effects of other banned surfactants. The state of altered consciousness and perception, just each substance manifests itself in its own way.
      If you were ill from alcohol in the process of drinking – you understand what bad is. If it was bad in the morning – go away.

    3. Paradoxically, dependence on legal surfactants is much easier to obtain, since their harm is artificially underestimated, while the image of illegal surfactants is demonized. Agree, you are now afraid or afraid of grass, and if you smoke, you will carefully monitor the body.�

    4. Many legal things bring no less pleasure. Food, art, music, sports.�

    5. Substances can enhance the perception of the above, but not so much that without them it will become uninteresting.

    6. Alcohol and cigarettes are more expensive and harmful in all respects.�

    7. Banned surfactants can already help you open up to a new side or get rid of complexes with a single application. Or they may not.

    8. A bitcoin transaction can sometimes go on for a day.

    And remember – any addiction makes you weaker, take care of yourself, be careful. Health is the most important value in life.

  36. What does not fit in a bag:) �

    But the most important thing is: that drugs are a meaningless word, because so many psychoactive substances related to them do not cause addiction. (physical dependence)

  37. Ecstasy peaks, entaza and kontaza, difficult to reach like Mount Everest and the Alps without an oxygen mask and an ice pick. One person spends months and years achieving a certain state without substance, while the other reaches it instantly with substance. There will be no difference in the experience, but the cost of saving time will be high.

  38. Nothing that a non-user wouldn't be able to learn with enough drive or luck (or maybe vice versa). Any substance, be it coffee in the morning, is just a push, just a temporary forced manipulation of the perception of the surrounding world. For example, someone N used a psychotropic substance, saw various unimaginable geometric shapes and fractals, and learned that everything in the world is interconnected and infinite. Another saw beings from other universes, someone saw these “other universes” themselves and realized how diverse the world is, how much is beyond their everyday life in life. But weeks passed, and now all knowledge was washed away, leaving only a vague image and a feeling “beyond worldly awareness”, which cannot be expressed in words, because the person did not understand or did not remember what the most important thing he saw and understood. But the sediment remained. And someone is drawn to get high again and finally understand everything and remember everything. Someone has settled down and lives on, only occasionally touching on forgotten sensations in real life. A person changes, of course, sometimes even quite a lot, but any experience can change a person. So, conditionally, we can say that these are people who have experienced a strong impression. What do people who have experienced an accident or loss know? What do people who have had short-term memory loss or schizoid seizures know in their lives? The answer to this question can be smeared down to the whole book, but only our conditional N knows it, which has no idea what to do with this knowledge.

  39. Drugs, also known as substances, have a certain effect on the human condition: physical, mental, psycho-emotional. Through their experience of experiences under the influence of narcotic substances, people learn about the surrounding reality. What LSD trips alone are worth.�

    “The mind that has once expanded the boundaries of perception will not return to the opposite framework.”�

    And I'm sure we wouldn't have seen or learned about half the beautiful things that surround us if people didn't take drugs. It is a well-known fact that Steve Jobs came up with the design of the I-Pod under the influence of LSD. A pre-stupid example is Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, who used opium and cocaine in order to be at the peak of his abilities, although these features are attributed to later versions. Nevertheless, I would like to note that under the influence of narcotic substances, something really happens to consciousness. Not for the worse or for the better, the perception and attitude to everything that is happening around us is really changing.

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