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  1. Philosophy is a unique profession. You can do almost anything from basic metaphysics to sports philosophy. You can “dig” into the distant past, or you can explore the present in all its diversity. No other science can afford this!:))) But the main subject of philosophy, as I. Kant said, is, of course, man-a unique combination of physicality and spirituality, sensuality and reason. Man as a subject of action, as a person capable of many things and at the same time practically powerless in the face of natural elements and Hegel's “absolute spirit”. History is not an arena for happiness, but the person who creates history is always looking for ways to become happy. Happiness is also a subject of philosophy!�

    A person would not be a person if he did not try to know the world, to remake it for himself! So he needs arguments to justify his own greatness, to justify his right and his ability to know the world and bend it to his will! And throughout history, man has many times convinced himself of his own superiority over the rest of living nature, and also convinced himself of his own limitations and even weakness before it! This is also a subject of philosophical study!

    Finally, freedom! Is a person free? Does he have free will? If so, how does this freedom fit in with the deterministic world of which the individual is a part?

    In general, philosophers have the opportunity to deal with everything that has the property of an antinomy, that is, something about which you can give reasonable opposite answers! That is why philosophy is a space for permanent discussions, and it is not even important whether we give a definite final answer to this or that question, but how exactly we reason, what arguments we give in favor of this or that point of view! This is a laboratory of living thought that requires thoroughness, accuracy and correctness of judgment!

    Go to graduate school and become a philosopher

  2. Philosophize, reflect, be clever, be boring, teach, analyze, reflect, discuss, argue, and, as a rule, they are either geniuses or unemployed )

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