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  1. Physical and mental health. Clarity of mind. Confidence. Self-sufficiency. The ability to think “Here and now”. Awareness. Peace of mind.

  2. At first: I'm a 2nd year student. All my childhood I was very nervous, I was registered. In the 9th grade, my hair started to fall out.

    I started practicing yoga in October 2016. Prior to that, he suffered a back injury in the gym. After that, the desire to continue doing this disappeared and it was necessary to occupy myself with something. My mother introduced me to her friends who practice yoga and I started going with them.

    The first thing I noticed was that I stopped worrying and getting nervous. Exams? Spit. Late? They won't start without me. Shy of someone? No. Some noise? Only inside me. The worldview itself has also changed: my group consists of 2 Agnostics, 3 Orthodox Christians and a Budist woman. And we are all united by yoga. I began to believe in the basic laws of the universe, karma, etc.

    So yoga helped me a lot 🙂

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