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  1. About how… what are you, a saint?) I don't dispute that the world is sometimes a nasty place.

    Well, I don't know.. you can shut yourself up in the temple where everyone is doing great.

    or on a farm. where only you, neighbors and eco-friendly cows are.

    A person doesn't have to take a swing at the WHOLE world.

    create your own one. small. within the same family or within the same commune or organization. these people are as valuable as the whole world.
    And if you are not interested in saving and helping people piece by piece. and if you want to save millions at once, then this, my dear, is selfishness and not a desire to help others

  2. I can send them to the Strugatskys. I will not quote, I am too lazy to stir up the book, I will retell it in my own words – And when tryndets comes to humanity again, every microbe begins to howl and wail : “Oh, what's going to happen to me now!? How can I live now? – Calm down, nothing will happen to you, the kingdom of heaven and earth will be yours! “The Second Martian Invasion.” Turn away from your egocentrism and look at the question from the other side-the opposite. “The abominations of this world” – are we satisfied with this world, or do we still love each other so much that we “push the falling one”? Is this world, which is bending under us, to blame for the hell that a person diligently creates for himself and his own kind? Or have you suddenly come here from an unknown Arcadia, where people live in peace with themselves and nature? Who are you cursing – “the world” , or those who made this life like this? And then you abstract from society, so white and fluffy, and choose an alternative-or me , or all this abomination ? There can be only one tip:”If you don't like it, don't eat it.” We live this way because we are, that's us. We are human beings. The crowning achievement of freaking creation. But when the “crown” comes down to earth, and sees that it has EVERYTHING, and you just have to live and rejoice, then the abominations of “this world” will stop. Are you powerless? Not sexual, I hope ?” Give birth to as many babies as possible and raise them as human beings, not as part of a herd, and if the rest of us do the same, then maybe you'll see how life becomes quite acceptable.

  3. to look at everything from a different angle – there are many things that we can't change, but we can change our point of view on them. There is a prayer that I like very much and that reflects the whole essence of true searches and aspirations:

    Help me, Lord, to accept what I can't change.
    Help me change what I can and should change.
    And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

  4. I know this is going to sound corny.

    But the world is meaningless

    It is not endowed with properties.

    Properties of the world, the same output of the observer as the observer is the product of the world.

    What am I talking about?

    Just change your attitude, even if it's difficult.

    Choose for yourself.

    It's all about you and your idea of the world, not the world itself

    All you need is an approach.

    Indifference, scientific approach, religious approach.Your own.

    In any case, all your actions and mine will one day cease to matter, although I doubt they ever did�

    We can't say for sure that we always choose our own path.But we always choose our attitude to it.

  5. The world is neither nasty nor pleasant, it is neither evil nor kind. He's nothing. And your assessments of the world and the people around you are a reflection of your own inner qualities and nothing more. That's the first thing. And secondly, it is important to understand for yourself that it is unwise to spend your emotions and energy on something that you can not influence. Channel your energy in a useful way. On your loved ones, on yourself. A person has a daily need for information. It is necessary to satisfy it not with news, but, for example,by studying a foreign language or fiction. In short, do something useful or pleasant. But it is better to alternate the useful with the pleasant and the world will sparkle with new colors). �And no more news.

  6. Oh, how I understand you. I found such a way out for myself. Accept that there has always been, is, and will always be an abomination in the world. Your job is to stop this abomination from spreading to the part of the world that you can control. And if possible, improve this part. For example, you can send 100 rubles from each PO to charity funds. It seems like a small change, and it won't hurt you – you won't drink beer somewhere extra, you won't eat a chocolate bar.. but when a lot of people throw off such a small thing – probably going to a lot) It happens that faith in people, in justice disappears. In this case, I watch this video for example. Temporarily lets you go.Good luck, strength and patience.


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