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  1. I would first of all eliminate the emotional charge from the fear of disappearing.

    Given that I've been working on it for years, I think I've already defused a fair amount of that fear. Which, of course, does not exclude the appearance of a new round of strong fear, but then I would just take up painting this fear and working it out.

    The main thing, in general, is to come to a state of unbreakable peace and inner well-being in the moment.

    Then I probably would have sat down for a will. I might even have made a video message. With humor. I would like my ashes to be burned and scattered over some beautiful place, like the Grand Canyon or on a glacier in Zermatt. And that instead of a priest, they would hire a shaman from Siberia with a full-length tambourine, and at the wake they would put a playlist of my favorite tracks from spotify.

    And until the time came for me to go to another dimension, I would do about the same thing. Maybe, except that I would watch less YouTube and walk more in nature and play the guitar. But I would not stop working, because “well, death, so what”.

    Perhaps I would communicate with my relatives more if they would not fool me with their negative mood in connection with the imminent teleportation of my consciousness. And if they did, I would troll them, asking why they were so sad.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  2. The main thing is not to suffer much in the end, that's all, although if I'm not mistaken, the body has an antinociceptive system that can turn off fear and pain. It is activated during prolonged pain. I think nothing supernatural will happen to a person, and the state of agony can be compared to a state of hypoxia, very low blood pressure when blue circles blur in the eyes, sounds are muffled, fear is also dulled, this is when consciousness fades gradually. Agony. And if, for example, a soldier in a war is hit by a bullet in the head, then he does not have time to understand anything, the speed of the bullet is faster than sound, although he may have time…It is better not to think about this by the way, it provokes neurosis. Even if you have an incurable disease, remember that death does not exist for you, you will simply cease to exist for others, and it is impossible to realize death, you can only be aware of the approach of death, but not feel it. In these last minutes, I would recommend to realize first of all the inevitability of death, to accept it and not to put up psychological barriers of rejection, the attitude is needed like this: “yes, I will die and there is nothing terrible in this, it is inevitable, but I will live these last minutes in complete peace and tranquility, no matter how painful they may seem to me.” And considering that now medicine is much better advanced, chemotherapy eases the pain or completely removes it and you will not feel anything but weakness.

  3. Don't do anything, don't rush around, everyone will die. Those who want to live strongly, let them live as if today is the last day. If you know that you are going to die, then you are free to fulfill your cherished desires. And most importantly, be completely calm!

  4. I know I'm going to die soon because I have cancer. Recently had an operation. So far, I feel satisfied, but I don't know what will happen next. I know one thing – you need to end your life in such a way that you don't feel ashamed in front of other people, especially your loved ones. You must not become a burden to them and make them witness your painful and hopeless departure. If it were possible, I would use euthanasia. Can anyone help with this?

  5. What if you know you're going to die soon ?

    I may be wrong, but you seem to be looking for death more than just waiting for the inevitable. If this is the case , then it is time to reconsider your aspirations and stop looking for or thinking about death, and start thinking about Life, looking for Life.

  6. Do a general cleaning, throw out all unnecessary things, especially personal items. I don't want them to be sorted out, given to homeless people. I'd rather burn it myself for fic)

  7. Remove unnecessary desires and fuss, turn to the scriptures, Turn to God, the Koran, the Bible, the Bhagavad gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, Ask yourself the question, what should I do now?To know the time of one's death is already the grace of God, something that is given to the saints, but for most people it is not given…

  8. Don't do anything,just live!Because death is not terrible, and you will not even notice it!The last time I died was very funny, I sit in the hospital and look at the doors, people come in with some strange faces, they seem to blur and become funny in my eyes!And then, like in a movie theater, bang and the light started to treat and it just got dark!

  9. (This is purely my opinion) I would have taken it upon myself to experience as many emotions as possible. I fulfilled my dream,went on vacation, would have done what I wanted for a long time.

  10. Birth and death are one. We are born to die. The trick of life is to die young, but as late as possible. “At my age, rushing is dangerous, being nervous is harmful, trusting is difficult, and being afraid is too late. It remains only to live, and in full pleasure. ” O. Khayyam. With respect.

  11. To stop limiting yourself, if necessary, even to cross the line of law and morality a little,but only a LITTLE, it will be unwise to end your life in prison. Try something new,something unknown or something that has always wanted to try but never did(all depends on the person and his desires,but it can be a journey,drugs,Orgy,skydiving,maybe something more risky,mastering a skill, etc., etc.)
    On this topic, you can watch such films as “Until I played in the box”, “Reach out to heaven”, “50/50”
    If I knew about the inevitable death, I would definitely go on a trip. I would admire the beauty of nature,the beauty of life, I would appreciate every minute. And all the beauty of life will be difficult to know without women.

  12. Get hooked on heroin and other heavy opiates. I'm not kidding. According to experienced junkies, they fully reveal themselves at least a couple of months after the first serious withdrawal. So if you know that you are not in danger of years of tormenting the system, you can check whether this is true or not.

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