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  1. I found out myself a couple of years ago, and I still haven't found a single person who knows it:

    That's right, not alpaca, but alpaca. And what's more, an alpaca is still an alpaca (not an alpaca) in any situation.

    Understanding and not believing my eyes, I read in one article that alpaca is like a “chimpanzee”.

    Now you know too! Every time I say Alpaca in conversation (I'm already used to it!), the other person cringes 🙂

  2. Everyone knows a lot of things that no one else knows. It's just that the vast majority of these things (information, to be precise) are not needed by anyone but himself. For example, no one but me knows when I will send an answer to this question. I can give you another example – take, for example, a log. And split it with an axe. Look at the chip. You can be 100% sure that this particular chip has never been seen by anyone in the entire history of the universe. It is unique and unrepeatable. But its uniqueness and uniqueness is not needed by anyone, so this log will go into the furnace along with the rest. So it is here. Out of more than 6 billion people, only my wife and I know that I just asked her to put the kettle on. So what?

  3. For example, what a cockroach hears with its paws! Put the cockroach on the floor and say, “Run!” -it will run. Tear off its legs, put it on the floor and say, “Run!” -it won't run. So-the cockroach will hear with its paws.

  4. Not so much to them, but still there are some facts that are little known to the general public. The following facts are well known to physicians, especially surgeons. Once I was interested in information from the field of terminal ballistics and anatomy, but I didn't fully study the question – I was bored…

    1. A bullet to the head is no guarantee of death. As a rule, this leads to damage to the neocortex, less often the limbic system of the brain. Such an injury is not always fatal, sometimes a person survives, but becomes disabled. Moreover, such an injury leaves a chance for reflex movements within 1-2 seconds. If you want to turn off the opponent immediately, in the same second – shoot in the bridge of the nose or the triangle between the eyebrows and upper lip if he is facing you, in the cheek – if in 3/4, near the ear or behind the ear-if in profile, in the interface of the back of the head and spine-if behind. This is where the lower part of the brain is located, which is responsible for motor and vital functions. Therefore, for me, films where they aim specifically at the forehead seem a little fake. I'd aim for the bridge of your nose…
    2. A bullet in the heart is no guarantee of death. If there is no heart failure and the internal partition between the “compartments” is not affected, then there is a chance to save the person; another thing is that time is extremely short. With a shot through the heart, your opponent will still be able to walk and shoot back, often within a few minutes, provided that he is “naadrenalinennosti”. Only then will it weaken and settle. I remember reading a story about a policewoman (I don't remember her name, I remember that she is Latin) from Los Angeles, who was seriously wounded by a drug dealer-the bullet hit both the heart and stomach; the lady was able to “otmagazinitsya” on the ear and killed him; doctors saved her, she still works as a police instructor. There are many such cases; the outcome largely depends on the efficiency and professionalism of doctors.
    3. A bullet to the lungs-often does not hurt at first, but soon the person begins to suffocate from pneumothorax. With such a wound, you will not be able to move for a long time, moreover, it is difficult to speak. The song of the band “Lyube” where the guy” through the chest was mortally wounded ” dictates a letter to the nurse for me does not look entirely plausible – it would be difficult for him to dictate anything.
    4. Bullet to the abdominal cavity – in many cases, intestinal damage and subsequent peritonitis. If you do not deliver on time to the table to the surgeon and do not operate, do not sanitize the abdominal cavity and do not inject a shock dose of antibiotics – certain death within a day or two. It is very ridiculous to watch films where the hero survives such an injury without receiving help from a surgeon. In reality, the outcome would be extremely sad.
    5. A bullet to the leg is not always just a minor and non-life-threatening wound; there are many arteries in the legs and very intense blood circulation, in addition to the bones that create secondary fragments. Very often, people with such injuries do not live to see the arrival of doctors precisely because of blood loss. About the hands, you can say the same thing-the damage to the arteries is extremely dangerous.
    6. In a state of passion, under the influence of their natural hormonal cocktail or drugs, a person's sensitivity to injuries and injuries is sharply different from normal. A person is able to tolerate such injuries and blood loss, which surprises even doctors. I remember reading an article once about policeman Peter Soulis (it was somewhere in 2010-2012) and his case: he stopped a car whose driver was suspected of murder. He started shooting at the policeman almost immediately, wounding him slightly. The policeman fired back, and, I must say, hit perfectly. I hit the suspect, and he shot at him, approached, then retreated, got into the car, tried to start it, and only then passed out and died. The policeman was hit as many as 22 times. Of these, 17 times in the torso. The doctors were surprised. And this, by the way, is not a record…
    7. Professional instructors recommend the so-called “Mozambique drill” – a high-speed series of two bullets in the chest and one in the head. Yes, this is effective, but even in a very loyal country in terms of self-defense, they will be punished for this for a long time in all ways…

    This is what this method looks like-


    PS I know, I posted some strange information here. But I'm sure a lot of people don't know that. Besides doctors, of course, they know many times more about this topic than I do.

  5. I know what a regular 4-dimensional 24-face looks like in spaces of other dimensions.

    I know how to derive Einstein's equations from stupid school considerations.

    I know how to count up to 32 on the fingers of one hand, each time bending or unbending only one finger.

  6. Well, for example, I know the laws of Newton, Ohm and Kirchhoff.

    I understand electronics, design, and programming.

    I highly doubt that most people are even familiar with these questions.


  7. I know that everything, absolutely everything, is energy and the name of this energy is CHI. I know that the material world and man are illusions. I know that most people are not wise – – – they just cling to words—and misinterpret them. We are under the illusion that we know something. In fact, we don't know anything, and we can't know anything. With respect.

  8. I know that Article 120 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the presumption of innocence in Article 14 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation are written incorrectly, and most lawyers and deputies who adopted these laws do not know this, otherwise they would have written correctly.

    I know why judges make judicial mistakes, but judges, prosecutors and the president of Russia do not know this, otherwise there would be no judicial mistakes.

    I know the main way to deprive the right to defense in court, but prosecutors, higher judges and human rights commissioners do not know this, otherwise they would have fought against this lawlessness.

    I know why people believe in the existence of an Orthodox God, but most believers in the biblical God do not know this, otherwise they would stop believing in an Orthodox God.

    I know that one cannot be baptized when turning to God, and most believers in the Orthodox God do not know this, otherwise they would stop being baptized.

    It will take a long time for a detailed, convincing and understandable explanation of these statements of mine, so I will try to formulate my thoughts more briefly.:

    Here in Article 120 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation it is written that judges obey only the law, but in fact judges quite often do not obey the law, and the law does not have the right to assert what is not in reality, so it would be more correct to write in Article 120 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation that judges must and must,

    in addition, the law is an inanimate object, and therefore cannot force judges to obey themselves.

    14 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation “Presumption of innocence” states that all doubts about the guilt of the accused, which cannot be eliminated in accordance with the procedure established by this Code, are interpreted in favor of the accused. Here, too, something is stated that often does not happen, since interrogators, investigators, prosecutors and judges often interpret their doubts against the accused, so the presumption of innocence should be written that all doubts about the guilt of the accused should be interpreted in favor of the accused.

    The main way to deprive the right to defense is the refusal of judges to respond to arguments and evidence of innocence by the defendant who is not guilty of a crime, in which case the defendant speaks and writes in empty air, as if proving his innocence to himself, although he knows very well about his innocence. Judges do this because they see that the defendant has proved his innocence and there is no way for them to refute his arguments and evidence, and for some reason they, the judges, need to convict him. There are a lot of laws that require judges and prosecutors to give adequate answers to all the arguments and evidence presented in the complaint of an innocent convict, without exception, but judges and prosecutors ignore them.

    1). Article 6 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 4 November 1950, to which the Russian Federation has also acceded, obliges the court in the event of a conviction

    to argue in detail and in detail the thesis of finding a person guilty.

    If this is not done, then …In this case, incorrect formatting of the sentence is recognized by the EU as a violation of Article 6 of the European Convention.

    2).Definition of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation No. 237-0 of July 8, 2004 and No. 42-0 of January 25, 2005, where the following is written:: “The Constitutional Court recognized that courts are obliged to give reasons for which the arguments of complaints are recognized by them as untenable or insignificant.

    In the above-mentioned definitions, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation recognized :..those who do not allow the courts of Cassation and supervisory instance, when making a ruling (resolution) on leaving the appealed decision unchanged, to refuse to fully consider and evaluate the arguments of the complaint, as well as to justify their decisions by pointing out the specific grounds on which the arguments are rejected by the higher court.

    3).Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court No. 1 of January 11, 2007

    (ed.Decisions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. from 29.10.2009 №22, from 23.12.2010№31, from 09.02.2012№3)

    7. ” when making a decision to refuse to satisfy a supervisory complaint or submission, the judge must provide reasoned answers to all arguments that challenge the legality, validity and fairness of the court decision, and state the reasons why these arguments are considered insignificant.

    4).Provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law(part four of Article 7, Part 1 of Article 388, Part 3 of Article 408 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation)

    do not give the supervisory instance court the opportunity to ignore or arbitrarily reject the arguments of the supervisory complaints or submissions, without giving factual and legal reasons for refusing to satisfy the stated requirements.

    5).”If the specific issue of the court proceedings

    if it has a decisive role in the outcome of the case, then the court should reflect it when making its decision.” (European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.)

    8). And here is what is written about this in Part 2 of Article 7 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation:

    “Violation of the norms of this Code by a court, prosecutor, investigator, body of inquiry or inquirer in the course of criminal proceedings entails recognition of inadmissible evidence obtained in this way.

    I am a citizen of Russia – an equal subject and I have the right to receive an adequate response to all the arguments given in my complaint !!!

    These rights, as indicated by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in “Resolution” No. 4-P of May 3, 1995, require that a citizen be considered not as an object of state activity, but as an equal subject who can defend his rights in all ways not prohibited by law and argue with the state in the person of any of its bodies, imply not only the right to submit an application, petition or complaint to the relevant state body or official, but also the right to receive an adequate response to this appeal.

    The Constitutional Court's ruling No. 42 of 25.01.2005 stipulates that an inquirer, investigator, or prosecutor is required to conduct research and evaluate ALL the arguments presented in citizens ' appeals at the pre-trial stage,

    The legal position of the Court and the Prosecutor's Office in their responses to me and in their decisions is formulated in categorical terms: “…decisions can be made only after … refutation of the arguments put forward in the appeals,

    As you can see, these laws were adopted by different people and from different state structures, which means that they are important for the state and topical.

    I suggested to the President of the Russian Federation to make these changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, but I did not receive a response from him.

    When people are baptized, they do not turn to God, but turn to Jesus crucified on the cross, and God did not say that Jesus is the son of God and, accordingly, He, God, will punish those who are baptized not to him, God, but to Jesus.

    The authors of the Bible also did not write that Jesus is the son of God or God, I did not find this in the Bible, on the contrary, God in the Bible said that he is one and there is no one like him, God, God also said that he is not in the Temples, Jesus was circumcised, and God could not be circumcised, because circumcision is a sacrifice to God of a part of the human body,

    Jesus ' mother, Mary, also said that Jesus was her son and the son of her carpenter husband, Joseph, when she found Jesus in the Temple,

    Jesus himself also said that he was not God when he said that only God knows when the world will end,

    When Jesus was dying on the cross, and God did not help him, Jesus cried out with a loud voice about the ninth hour: “My God, My God! Why did You leave Me? “Here, by his appeal to God, Jesus confirms that he is not God.

    The people of those times also believed that Jesus was the son of Mary and Joseph, the church also believed so, so they demanded the execution of Jesus as an impostor,

    and from the genealogy of Jesus written in the Bible, it is also clear that Jesus Christ is the son of Mary's husband, Joseph,

    even in Joseph's alleged dream, it does not say that Jesus is the son of God, it does not even say that Jesus is the son of the Holy Spirit, it only says that Jesus allegedly got something from the holy spirit, but what got is not written.

    Here is one of the authors of the Bible Matthew called the birth of Jesus Christ the immaculate conception,

    but, the conception of a child can not be vicious, because this method of conception was invented by God himself, and God himself entered into sexual relations with a girl, not considering this action to be vicious.

    Here Mary is called the mother of God, theotokos, but God could not have been born, because he existed forever, moreover, when Mary was born, God already existed.

    The amazing thing is that the words of Jesus in the Bible contradict the words of God, and contradict what God created, and the son of God would not oppose the father,

    moreover, the authors of the Bible write badly about Jesus, calling him a friend of sinners and publicans,

    therefore, there is no reason to consider Jesus Christ the son of God, and even more so to consider him God.

    This is how they made Jesus God:

    In 325, at the Council of Nicaea, 227 hierarchs gathered and, like a party meeting, voted for Jesus to become God, while two voted against it.

    By the way, many people also do not know that the Orthodox religion is a purely Jewish religion and was introduced into Russia by force, they do not know that the Russian religion is different, so it is precisely not knowing the Bible that makes people believe in the Orthodox God. People are bribed by the following words in the Bible: God is all-merciful and merciful, (although God killed all the Egyptian babies, and the presence of hell does not indicate mercy), Jesus the Savior, (although Jesus did not fulfill his promise, did not come and did not save anyone from their sins), the good news, although the news that Jesus came to Earth to separate father from son, and mother from daughter, can not be good, the prophet, (although means no one knows, people who believe in the biblical God also do not know, what is the difference between their religion and the Protestant religion, and you should know, because they have the same God? I quote the words of the biblical God that he is one:

    For I am God, and there is no other God, and there is none like Me. The Bible (Isaiah 46: 8,9)

    “The God who created the world and all that is in it, He, the Lord of heaven and earth, does NOT live in temples built by hands.”

    (Acts 1: 4). 17:24).

    Here's what Jesus himself said about not being God::

    When Jesus was asked about the end of the world and the Day of Judgment, he replied that only God knows when the Hour will come (see Mark 13: 32, Matthew 24: 36).

    And here is what the Bible writer Matthew wrote in the Gospel about who Jesus was born from:

    1 The genealogy of Jesus Christ, Son of David, Son of Abraham.

    2 Abraham became the father of Isaac; Isaac became the father of Jacob; Jacob became the father of Judah and his brothers…James became the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, from whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

    God says in the Old Testament: avenge: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

    and Jesus says:

    “whosoever smiteth thee on thine right cheek, turn the other also to him” (Matthew 5: 38-48).,

    and he says: “Love your enemies”, “Thou shalt not kill”,

    God created women and men to procreate, and Jesus does not allow men to marry divorced women, does not allow the apostles to even look at beautiful women, and recommends that men cut off their sexual organs for the kingdom of heaven, thus Jesus goes against the will of God, who wrote in the Bible: “be fruitful and multiply”,

    I quote Jesus ' words about this to my apostles:

    Christ preaches, ” And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery “(Matthew 5: 32).

    Real life is complicated and it is not always possible for a person to find a companion for life from the first time. And if a woman is divorced, then why does she no longer have the right to arrange her personal life?

    Christ says , “You have heard that it was said to the ancients,' You shall not commit adultery. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. But if your right eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away from you. “(Matthew 5: 27-30). “But if thy hand or foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee” (Matthew 18:8).

    In a normal heterosexual man, a beautiful woman always causes sympathy and sexual attraction and this is natural and normal, so God created them so that they reproduce, and now they even arrange beauty contests,

    and even if we start from the belief in any God of any religious faith, it is clear,

    what if the creator (god) created such a sexual way of reproduction of a person and created for this purpose both the sexual attraction and the love of a man for a woman,

    this means that, in God's opinion, he did it correctly and well, because without sexual attraction, without love, human reproduction would not have occurred.

    And God said in the Bible, “Live and multiply.” This is where Jesus comes out against God's will.

    “His disciples say to him,' If this is the duty of a man to his wife, it is better not to marry '” (Matthew 19: 10).

    What about Christ? He might have said, ” Well, you guys, we need to get married, start a good family, have and raise children.” But Christ did not say so, He began to talk in response about castration (cutting off the genitals of people).

    “And he said unto them, There are eunuchs that were born of their mother's womb, even so; and there are eunuchs that were made eunuchs of men; and there are eunuchs that made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19: 12).

    And here is how Jesus Christ treats the family and why Jesus Christ came to Earth:

    The Good News of Jesus Christ:

    the words of the Savior, which the evangelist Luke conveys to us.

    The Holy Church reads the Gospel of Luke. Chapter 12, articles 48-59.

    “Do you think that I have come to give peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but a division; for henceforth five in one house will be divided, three against two, and two against three: the father against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law” (Luke 12:51).

    The same is written in Matthew 10: 34:

    “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword,

    For I have come to divide a man from his father, and a daughter from her mother, and a daughter-in-law from her mother-in-law.”

    Why did Jesus Christ come to earth to quarrel with close relatives? Is this good news?

    And such a Bible is forced to study in school for underage children of the fourth grade.

  9. Strange, but that's it.For some reason, I understand everything, Probably intuition, and the stock of what I read. And that was a lot. Wasserman, in the same category. He often foreshadows what he cannot know, even though he is well-read. This is a normal bluff. Who will check it later? I have not yet noticed any coincidences in his statements and the reality of events. Therefore, I do not prolong the validity period – this is stupid. It changes every millisecond in a new direction of reality, even if one person tries to anticipate something and publishes it. Reality changes instantly. We are no longer on the straight path that we should have been. Check out statements from the past, even in history textbooks they sound different, and even in textbooks they sound different. Only the memory of old people, historians, and philologists saves you… Imperceptibly, everything changes. And it will change. When I wrote an article about Novak – look – the new US president is still undecided, the question is still hanging, and this would not have happened if I hadn't written it. Every action of a person, any person, changes our path, takes us to another parallel world, but we do not notice it. Rare people, not even me, sometimes manage to notice it. I allow myself in all my writings, not writings, thank God, it's already funny to write.. Sorry. So , I take what I have as facts and add a bit of foresight, which manifests itself by itself, I don't know where, but you seem to like watching my opuses.I watch Hollywood films about the future, but sometimes it's so disgusting, so many inconsistencies, you can raskoryachit any film on incomprehensible and impossible, even in science fiction, episodes. Sorry about Hollywood. I accept both real physical life, which, by the way, is legalized by the Almighty, and the matrix, which is also legalized by HIM. But let's live for today, on our tortured planet, until she gets tired of it. The most painful question about the mother – why did I give birth to you? Perhaps it's time for her to return what we have taken away from her for so many centuries. Even tons of cosmic dust won't restore its balance. Just like it used to be, before our freaking scavenging technology. How can we compensate for this before the planet warms up or cools down below us? Somehow I know. But this is a different discussion, and I would like it to be a real discussion, and not the screams of consumers. You consume , you give. Something there is similar from the commandments. Like this. Please do not insult..

  10. It's very presumptuous, you know, to think that someone can have information that most people can't. Well, let's try it!

    1. I know where my house keys are now.

    1. I know how to say fuck___y hedgehog in Vietnamese (many Vietnamese people don't know this)

    2. I know that Spain means shipbuilding in old Arabic.

    3. I know that most of the languages of Central Asia are descended from deliberately modified Imperial Russian, and not from Persian at all.

    4. I know that Japanese hard work, which is known all over the world , is a myth.

    5. I know that the United States did not fight against Vietnam, but stood for one part of Vietnam in the war against another part of Vietnam.

    6. I know that the word Kazakhstan has nothing to do with the word Cossack.

    Enough for today, all the best!

  11. Your question was answered a long time ago by Socrates…I know what I don't know,and many people don't know that either.A fairly competent and verifiable belief

  12. Hello lady )) This is a paraphrased children's puzzle in a temporal context, as I said earlier. I must admit, Antonina, that you have changed it gracefully; the original version of the text sounds quite different. Answer: I know my past.

  13. Many things people don't really know, but accept as true and believe in what they feel comfortable believing. Based on the totality of your character traits (already subjectively) and through the prism of your own experience( often incomplete). The truth cannot be subjective. Sometimes it's completely unproven, and people rush to say, ” I know.” The question arises- ” from where?”. There is a substitution of concepts, i.e. they pass off their personal beliefs as the truth. Even worse, they impose these beliefs, sometimes with threats, on other people. Everyone's perception is different. I really like Socrates ' phrase “I know I don't know anything, but others don't even know that much.” He's right about something, isn't he?;)))

  14. And I know the true word of God, and not distorted by scribes, translators, or gnawed by mice, so that it has become nonsense.

    1. In the tablets that God gave to Moses, it is written: Eve was created from a bone. I didn't mean the rib, but the baculum. All living things have it, including monkeys, but men don't. Penile bone.

    2. The phrase about a log and a straw in the eye is due to the confusion of the Greek word kulos (ass) and the Latin oculus (eye). In the original, this is not idiocy: you can't see your ass and it's hard to understand what they put there for you. But you can tell your friend if he has a straw or a finger or something else thin.

  15. That at nuclear power plants, electricity is generated by the usual steam turbine, and the heated nuclear fuel simply warms the “boiler with water”, just like at a conventional coal-fired thermal power plant, only uranium is reloaded once every 5 years, unlike coal that is burned by wagons every day

  16. I know who such a Person is…What is life and what is its purpose and meaning?…there is also a confidence criterion….And I know a lot more….what most people do not sleep about….But people don't need all this….judging by their behavior in life.

  17. I know that there are no diseases. That this is a myth, the fruit of unthinkable ignorance. And I am so surprised that it is easier and calmer for people to believe in diseases than even to accept the idea that diseases may not exist.

    “I'm afraid to read you,” said one doctor on the closed portal “Doctor at Work”, ” I think I'm going crazy!” “What is more precious to you,” I asked, ” your sanity or people's health? “My sanity, of course,” the doctor replied.”

    1. Each small hair on the body is attached to a special muscle.
    2. Most food poisoning is caused by poor-quality ice.
    3. Tattoos strengthen the immune system.
    4. Traveling within Europe is much more profitable than traveling to each country separately.
    5. The dorm is the best school of life.
    6. In a music school, you don't just learn to play an instrument.
    7. Philology and linguistics are different things.
    1. The fact that Pushkin did not die in a duel, but moved to France, taking the pseudonym Dumas.
    2. The fact that you can not mix cucumbers and tomatoes in one salad. They cause fermentation and are poorly digested, although it turns out delicious.
    3. The fact that as a schoolboy, according to the law, we were not allowed to be kicked out of class and set tasks for the summer.
    4. Homosexuality is determined by the genome.
    5. You can not put asphalt in the rain.
    6. Gandalf and Aragorn are homosexuals.
    7. And Daniel Craig.
    8. Well, the fact that raw eggs can not be eaten. You can get salmonellosis.

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