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  1. Art is such an elegant form of escapism that no one can blame you for. It simultaneously allows you to escape from reality, but in itself it is reality.

    It is said that a person who has read many books has lived much more than one life. For me personally, the same applies to music, and indeed to any works of art in general.

    Also, through art, we can get rid of mental loneliness, realizing that there are people with identical thoughts and experiences.

    It is also the best way to understand that the problems of humanity have not changed so much in recent centuries. Reread Pushkin or Lermontov and you will understand that people were concerned about almost the same problems (both personal and social), only now they have been somewhat modified.

    Just look at how accurately Nekrasov said in the “Railway”:”…The Russian people have endured enough, and they have endured this railroad, and they will endure everything that the Lord sends them. He will take out everything and make a broad, clear path for himself. It's just a pity that neither you nor I will have to live a beautiful life at this time of year.”

  2. Every day I enjoy a piece of Natural art, every minute the panorama changes playing with all its colors and its incomparability. No artist can compare with the creation of Nature. I admire the original, not the copies!!! And nothing can compare to it. With respect.

  3. Art is a way to look at the world through other people's eyes, and therefore-to comprehend it in a new way. Strictly speaking, art is the generation of new meanings or the disclosure of them in already existing objects and phenomena. This certainly enriches, develops and gives you the opportunity to understand the world and yourself more deeply.

  4. I like the moment in art when the artist captures something in simple and everyday things that you simply did not pay attention to before. These are not the pictures that depict something grandiose, but simple everyday scenes that touch to the core of the soul. For example, Pimenov's painting “Dispute“. You need to be a truly talented person to see something great in such a simple scene, and prove to others that this is really so. You might have seen such scenes a thousand times, but you didn't pay any attention to them, and the artist noticed and showed you, and from how familiar it is and how much beauty there is in simple everyday life, there is a surge of emotions.

  5. Art pleases with its uniqueness in detail.

    Great works enchant at first sight and at first sound. Once you touch art, you will never be the same person again.

  6. First of all, giving joy to others is an art.

    Art, but in a slightly different form. This is the art of owning yourself, your potential and view of the world around you, the art or ability to feel another person, their thoughts, emotions, what they need at this moment. The art of distinguishing good from bad.

    And in order to learn or cultivate all this, a person who gives joy must constantly develop and be optimistic, which is not so easy to do. And, therefore, to be such a person, the most real art.

  7. From the age of 6, I studied at the Moscow School of Arts #1. In the class of easel painting. Since the first grade, I not only loved drawing, but also adored the subject of Art History. I'm 45 now, but I've never known anything so beautiful as art. Traveling all over the world and seeing masterpieces of fine art is a blessing. Emotions, the desire to paint your own paintings, do ceramics, think about the literary works that you love, about the music that you hear, what could be more beautiful. Art is a lot in life.

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