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  1. It is impossible to become an erudite person solely for show. In order to become a polymath, you need to show a sincere interest in various issues. To expand their horizons, erudites first of all turn to the help of books. It is books that are the storehouse of wisdom of all mankind. However, it is not necessary to say that books are different from books, and trash tabloid novels or cheap detective stories will not give you much food for thought. If you really want to improve your erudition, then you need to turn to more serious literature. Read Russian and foreign classics, scientific research and monographs, and autobiographies of interesting people.

    A very important point is how exactly you will read the books. Improving your erudition will depend not on the number of volumes you read, but on the quality of your reading. Read more thoughtfully, rethink what the author said. If you are interested in any quote, then do not be lazy to write it out for the future. Over time, you'll notice that your horizons will expand, new topics of conversation will appear, and your vocabulary will expand.

    Another modern way to increase erudition is cinema. Of course, not every cinematic production product can boost your intelligence. Nowadays, a huge number of high-quality documentaries are made about nature, physical phenomena, historical events, interesting personalities, and so on. Regular viewing of such programs will have a positive impact on your horizons. From the field of art cinema, you can turn to art-house works. A good art-house movie is filled with worthwhile quotes, and the philosophical subtext will encourage you to think.

    Your erudition also largely depends on the people with whom you communicate. Our social circle has a huge impact on our interests, way of thinking, and even vocabulary. Try to surround yourself with smart people with whom you can talk about various topics. Reach out to erudite people, and gradually your own level will start to rise.

    How to improve your erudition. The word erudition is of Latin origin and means deep comprehensive knowledge, broad awareness. The concept of erudition is often confused with education, although these words are not synonymous. An erudite person is always educated, but not every educated person can boast of his erudition. The polymath never stops at what has been achieved and draws knowledge not from training courses, but from direct sources. Many of us would like to show off our erudition in front of others, but how can we improve it?

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