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  1. I see the sea on paper

    I see autumn on canvas

    I see the sun in cellophane

    I see everything that is visible to me.

    As for me,I don't have to close my eyes to turn on my imagination. I can imagine everything from the apocalypse to heaven on earth.

    I close my eyes

    I can see the thunder disappearing into the distance

    The earth was burned to the ground

    But for all the evil, there will be flowers again.

  2. maybe dark, maybe nothing. if there is a sun or light bulb in front of your eyes, then orange spots. I have aphantasia, I recently learned this word, although I always knew that fantasy is tight, ex.

  3. Depending on recent events and actions. For example, information on the DPRK, flashbacks about such a utopia as true communism, and so on

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