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  1. I think that all types of dreams can have their own useful results.

    For example, it can perform the following functions: recreational, inspirational, and compensatory.

    The point is not in the dream itself, but in how we realize it.

    No wonder there is such an aphorism: “be afraid of the realization of your dreams.” Since not every dream brings only the good/desired, often a person does not see the reverse side of this, and dreams about what he has little idea about.

  2. A wrong dream is a dream that leads to negative thoughts, consequences, or desires. For example, the dream of doing a bad thing is the wrong dream. The more you think about it , the more destructive it will be for you.

    All other dreams are correct if they bring a positive or neutral result for you and others.

    For example, you would like to learn how to throw darts. It doesn't bother anyone, it doesn't do any harm, and if it gives you pleasure, why not?

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