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  1. It depends on how much zeal a person has for learning. For example, I'm more interested in school. After all, there is competition, and homeschooling will be pleasant for the first time, and then it will start to get boring and you can completely abandon it. But still it is individual most likely.

  2. It depends for whom. At school or university, you are motivated to go to classes/pairs. In the first case, do not get punishment from your mother, and in the second case, so that you are not found out and you do not become a homeless person. Exact science, in contrast to the humanities, a person who can think logically should get easily if he studies at home. You read/watch a video lesson – you catch the idea and try to solve it yourself. When you have learned to solve easy and difficult examples yourself, that's all, you don't need anything else. In the humanities, in fact, you can go through everything at home: you read texts, delve into them, and answer questions. But, if you don't understand something, then you need to read more and so on until you go. But there is one THING: you need practice. Some people need it. So that someone asks a question, so that someone writes on the board, so that someone shows how to solve it, and so on. So it's all individual.

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