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  1. Under Family Guy/The Simpsons/South Park / American Dad/etc..

    For reference: The Big Bang Theory/Dr. House / Rick and Morty/Futurama/Archer

    This is probably something that can be reviewed endlessly. And the best lullaby, because many things are already by heart.

  2. Some wonderful person on this site left a link to the project “Letters to a person” https://vk.com/pisma_cheloveku

    A very pleasant voice talks about what is so important to all of us. I turn it on before going to bed and listen in the dark. I've never seen anything like this before, but now I'm looking for such content. If anyone knows similar vk groups, please share 🙂

  3. I fall asleep to the sound of my own thoughts about tomorrow. When there is silence around. Morning runs and a well-established sleep pattern do not require additional conditions for a comfortable fall asleep.�

    Without unnecessary and false pathos, I urge everyone to exercise. You'll fall asleep instantly.

  4. I fall asleep only under the idea of my ideal life, but memories on the contrary only cause insomnia.�

    And also on any currently popular music with alpha waves.

  5. Previously, I quickly fell asleep to the Nostalgia channel , but recently I can only fall asleep to neoclassical music, and I'm looking for it in the public in the VK Flowers Blossom in the Space 🙂

  6. I turn on any movie of the drama genre, set the timer to turn off the computer for an hour or two and immediately go to bed, close my eyes and open them in the morning))

  7. Mostly I have a radio playing(no matter what,Internet or regular) or my own music. Music can be very different,I listen to a lot of things with the exception of pop music.

  8. I usually fall asleep after reading a chapter, several chapters of a book, and also turn off the light and turn on something light (a cartoon, a TV series like: American Dad, The Simpsons, American Family).

    It also helps a lot if you fall asleep in silence and darkness, having previously ventilated the room for at least five minutes before going to bed. Then I lay there for a few minutes, daydreamed, thought about tomorrow, and went to bed.

  9. Robert Rich – somnium, perpetual. Six-hour ambient, solid, flowing, dark, bright, vibrational, tropical, mysterious, falling into the abyss; falling like light from the sky. To all and sundry!

  10. Unfortunately, I've had insomnia since I was a child, so I've tried a lot of ways to fall asleep. When I was a child, my mother played me the sounds of the sea, and when I grew up, I started listening to the album Ben Frost-School of emotional engineering. It also falls asleep well while reading an e-book. Electronic – because you can lie on your side and do not need to flip through the pages and get comfortable. Sometimes watching a movie in the dark with a dimmed screen also helps, but rarely.

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