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  1. From what I saw not so long ago, I can recommend the film “Man” in 2015 (kinopoisk.ru), which tells you about people. About ordinary people like most. About their experiences, fears, love, tolerance, desires, experience. About everything that will be alive and discussed even in hundreds of years. Well, the first person at the very beginning, telling the story of his love, like a basin of cold water, is extremely sobering.

    I also want to mention the film “Obsession” (kinopoisk.ru kinopoisk.ru). A rather scandalous film about the Church of Scientology, many stories from people who came out of it and know all the ins and outs. I still don't know how people in our country didn't notice the release of the film.

  2. Hieroglyph of Friendship (TV) 2004 !

    Directed by Elena Masyuk!

    The Great Soviet-Chinese friendship has always been a one-sided game. China has never been a true strategic partner of either Russia or the Soviet Union. The Chinese dragon always acts in its own interests. The Chinese are gradually taking territories away from us, freely exporting natural resources and freely creating Chinatowns on the territory of Russia. The Russian state remains diplomatically silent in response. In one word — “friendship”!

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