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  1. Little brother-the question is not correct ! But if you look at it from the angle-what do I live for, or what do You live for , or He (She) lives for-then this question can be answered by observing the life of a person … And if you discard the husk of worldly vanity and look at the life of the observed deeper – then it becomes clear that the “object of observation” in life faces some (often difficult for itself) tasks that it is forced to solve , and for the solution of which it needs to change itself a little … Here, I think that for the sake of these changes in yourself and lives a person … in this incarnation )))

  2. What does the stone live for? If you think on the most global scale, then a person is not fundamentally different from a rock or a planet, it is just a huge, complex system of molecules of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc. Search for the meaning of life – the paradox of being. People realize that their life is absolutely meaningless, but the essence of the human psyche makes us continue to live, finding ourselves in our family, career, and art…

  3. I remembered the words of the memory of Yuri Vizbor – “leaving the light is more than staying”. Simple and deep words. But what kind of light to leave, and whether to leave it at all, everyone determines for himself. For some, this is some kind of invention (a book, a discovery,…) that is necessary and useful for humanity. For some, it's a big friendly family. For some, just a bright memory of yourself as an honest noble person. For me, the ideal thing is to find a way to combine these meanings. And spending your life on it is the best way to live it.

  4. A person lives in order for his Consciousness to work out certain tasks on the planet Earth. And to find out what these tasks are or how fashionable it is now to say “find yourself” – this is the meaning of life. This is achieved by ridding the mind of ego and self-importance, which makes it so difficult to receive signals from above about what to do and how to do it, to hear your true needs. But in the modern social world, there is a herd feeling – both everyone and me. For most people, the chain of goals is the same – to find a good job, take a more or less prestigious position, “get” a husband/wife, take out a mortgage, have a child. But for some reason, at the age of 50-60, there is a strange feeling that life has passed, and you are still unhappy. Yes, all because he did not live his own life, but imposed “ideals”.

  5. There are many answers to this question that only everyone can choose for themselves. This is evolution and a person lives at least in order to live, since the instinct of self-preservation is a very strong thing. In general, this question is probably more for philosophers who will spend hours talking about the fact that each of us is unique and must make its own history, leave its mark-but once I heard in the film the phrase-whoever a person is, he remains a bag of bones who lives for his profit and profit (no matter how he hides it) so, try to choose and answer yourself Personally, my opinion is to destroy ourselves.

  6. Islam says that a person lives for the worship of God. He sent a man to the earth to be its governor. He made man smarter than the angels and gave us free rein.

    In general, I believe that each person has his own meaning of life, one has a family, another has a benefit to humanity, and others, on the contrary, the more harm you do, the better. Everything is individual!

  7. What a person lives for… Is this another question about the meaning of life?

    The meaning of life is to leave something behind. And not necessarily-children. (They are just one of the options)

    The meaning of life is to project yourself to future generations. Still remember for example… Archimedes.

    P.S. It's so easy to understand, but it's not easy to implement.

  8. You won't find a single answer to this question. Everyone has different goals, it is important to remember only one thing- ” Everything around you, everything that our life is made of, was created by the same people, no smarter than you. You can change the world yourself, influence it, you can create your own products, and others will also use them.” These are the words of Steve Jobs, of course he mostly talked about technology products, but it also applies to everything. A person lives in order to change the world around him!

  9. Let me quote from memory a passage from Dostoevsky. Nothing said or written conveys the idea of human life better.
    “Where have I read how a man condemned to death, an hour before his death, says or thinks that if he had to live on a high rock, on such a narrow platform that only two feet can be placed, and all around will be the ocean, darkness, eternal solitude and eternal storm, and remain so, standing on a yard of space for a hundred, a thousand years, eternity…then it would be better to live like this than to die now. Live, live, no matter how you live, just live! A scoundrel is a man, and a scoundrel is he who calls him a scoundrel for this!”

    The meaning of life is in life itself.

  10. The answer depends on what exactly is invested in this question and who the person is.

    If we remember that a person is a living organism, then the meaning of life is only one: not to let the life of his species end. All living things tend to leave behind offspring, so that the cycle of life on Earth will never end.

    But the makings of nature (the complex structure of the brain) and long evolution have turned a person into something more than just a living organism.

    Reproduction is no longer the meaning of life for many people. They choose hedonism, self-actualization, or even the search for the meaning of life as the meaning of life. And many other options, depending on their life position, experience, environment, religion, and so on.

  11. If you put the same question a little differently : what is the purpose of the universe in the process of its development, after an incredibly long prehistory, there was a mind?

    Involuntarily, regardless of the level of abilities, until the last minute of life, we are aware of ourselves and the world around us, working on self-control and controlling ( if possible) the phenomena of the world around us.

    And in this process, things and ideas are created that have never been seen before. It is human nature to be aware of yourself and create new things, and new things are not always pictures and planes, it can be a new type of relationship.

  12. I remembered a quote from Martin Page's book “How I became an idiot”: “He twitched his head to the rhythm of the music and sang an excerpt from a letter dated May 18, 1857, addressed to Mademoiselle Leroy de Chantepi, from time to time adding some shouts from himself:

    People are shallow, narrow-minded, with a self-confident and zealous mind,

    they strive for ultimate truths in everything. They want to know the meaning of life, wow! and measure infinity, e! They take a handful of sand in their hand, la-la, in their pathetic little hand, And say to the ocean:

    “I will count the grains of sand on your shores!” But the grains of sand flow through their fingers, and it takes a long time to count, So they stamp their feet with impatience and cry, yes, they cry. Do you know what to do on the beach? You need to get down on your knees or go for a walk, e-e! Take a walk. Go for a walk, Tony! Yes, go for a walk! La-la, go for a walk, Tony-e!”

    Like this…What's the point? In itself. To denote meaning would be to draw a line that restricts human freedom, i.e., its main essential characteristic. As it is, the meaning of a human being is no greater than that of an anteater, a striped raccoon, or anyone else. Just to be there.

  13. I believe that man lives in order to know what is hidden in his own nature. To arrive for real, to find Yourself, to become a Person or a Post-Person. To serve as a bridge for those who follow this path..

    And, the second part, which is more autonomous , is to fulfill your own unique role, perform some action, event, act, and then calmly leave.

    To do this, you don't need to run the first part of the program, but this option is also open.

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