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  1. It seems to me that this phrase will be understood by those who are connected with “buying and selling”.Well, in general, there are two fools in the market — one sells, the other buys………

  2. I saw in his answer only a reflection of the aspect of trade, or rather its part called “black bookkeeping”, where there is no official income hidden from taxes. In the white part, you bought it for 1, sold it for 1.20, but the continuation of the phrase about revenue in “0.40” shows that you actually bought not exactly for the ruble, but somewhere cheated in the spirit of “that time” (but rather without “that”)

  3. It's an old joke�

    Meet two classmates. A new Russian, and a simple Soviet engineer.
    – Vasya, is that you? On the 600th merce, in a red jacket? After all, at school you always had only two points. In math, you always had two times two equal to five. You've never even heard of the square root! I'm a school with a medal, an institute with a red diploma (looks at his coat) – and I have a complete ass…

    “You understand Sanek. Everything is very simple, in kind. I go to Germany and buy a barrel of beer for 1000 bucks. I get home, push it for 2,000 bucks. I live on these two percentages.

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