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  1. Perhaps with a certain degree of irony, one can answer these questions from the perspective of modern sciences and philosophy.

    Who is to blame? – Most likely, partly you (in most cases by your inaction), and partly factors that do not depend on you (from genes to cosmic fluctuations, from private tastes to the economic and political situation in the country). All current research shows that, for example, your intelligence and social success will depend on both learning and genes.

    What to do? – First of all, understand a simple maxim: “Do it if it's important to you.” There are always excuses for what is not done, but they are all an illusion, after the fact-inventions. It is important to learn how to do and do well, it will turn out badly by itself. Some kind of uniform vectors for all – telling What exactly you need to do? “it doesn't exist. Everyone takes on the obligations that they accept with their mind and heart. Fears, laziness, and hopes for others will kill you, but you need to resist them. It is important to start doing. Can pick up batteries for recycling, can react more kindly to others with their quirks, can have the courage to get a profession that is useful for the world and be a professional, and not someone who sits out a shift for s. p. Think and decide for yourself.

  2. Modern science does not consider such questions, they are rather personal questions about being and the general course of life, for everyone the questions are too subjective, and science works with specific concepts.

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