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  1. I can only fantasize; I will immediately make a reservation that I am talking about a good normal person, and not about a politician who puts his country in comfortable positions, shamelessly manipulating. So:

    • Hierarchy.
    • Correct – exists.
    • There must be justice, as I understand it; but this is a meaningless clarification, because justice is one thing; I just understand it well and will explain it to you now.
    • Spirituality. Honesty; generally for all the good against all the bad. The bad ones are also those who try to impose, poison society, corrupt our children with different thoughts, that is, wrong ones. In the fight against the bad, we are noble, but in a good way, you can use any methods, or understand those who use these any methods (to protect our world from vicious corrupting the wrong people).
    • Testaments of our ancestors. It's not up to us – it's not up to us to change it.
    • Everyone knows their place. Those who are higher in the hierarchy are wise, noble, and care for the common good. If they do something incomprehensible, it is because they are wise and know something that we do not know.
    • You can drive spirits , but that's okay. We do not chase them, but we were chased. And then they will chase the young ones. Children can be flogged; I was flogged, and I grew up to be a man.
    • A woman is also a human being, but in general she must know her place.
    • Debt is very important. Who owes what to whom – I know it's written in important books, and I can quote authorities. He who violates his duty is guilty, that is, he is bad, he must realize his guilt and active repentance will give him a chance.
    • If I behave properly, I'll be fine.
      In short, the ideal world for a conservative traditionalist is 1) a hierarchy, 2) he occupies a worthy place in this hierarchy, 3) everyone behaves well in accordance with his fantasy of “good”, 4) violators are inevitably punished, 5) this world is reliably fenced off from outsiders.

    Stability, correct and dignified way of thinking and behaving, unity of mind.

    If we recall the criteria of bureaucracy according to Weber, it is worth adding depersonalization (not as a curse word, but as a virtue, remember: “we have no irreplaceable ones”), a system of assessment by grades.

    I would say that this is not exactly horror or stupidity. This is the polarity. There is gambling and discretion, there is tenderness and aggressiveness. There is development, experiment, risk and conservatism, stability, saving.

    After all, both are important, and a serious problem is when any of the polarities in general begins to reign.

  2. So everything has already been thought up for us, painted in episodes and shown in the series “The Handmaid's Tale.” This is a completely exemplary traditionalist society, written off (of course, with extreme absurdity, otherwise art does not work) from completely real communities-usually of the religious type: American Amish and Mennonites, Russian Vissarionites and Sterligovites.

    1. Meritocracy, market economy.

    2. Targeted state regulation to prevent monopolies and cartels from forming.

    3. From each and every one – according to their innate and acquired abilities, without positive discrimination.

    4. Family is considered traditional.

  3. the ideal looks like soaked apples in sauerkraut with boiled potatoes; ate the potatoes, knocked over the stack, ate sauerkraut with a soaked apple – and good… the soul sings, rejoices

  4. Something like this, but instead of a bag of money, there should be a volume of Evola or Guenon.

    Guess where toraditsianalisty themselves are located on this scheme.

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