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  1. First, it's beautiful. (c) It's really beautiful. Very.

    At the height of the amazing silence. Incredibly quiet. Well, until the avalanche starts, of course.

    It is also an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your capabilities. See, perhaps, from the other side of the people with whom you constantly communicate. And meet new people. Understand how small and defenseless a person is before nature, despite technology. Get a boost of energy and energy before the next training camp.

    It's also a sport. Very specific, of course. But still a sport.

  2. I remembered the words of Vladimir Vysotsky:�

    “Only mountains that you haven't been to before can be better than mountains.”

    To all the conquerors of warm summer peaks and high mountains:)

  3. Everyone has their own motive.Some people want to admire the beauty that can be seen from the mountains, while others want to test themselves in critical situations when it comes to conquering the top.I am convinced only that each of us who loves the mountains with all our heart finds ourselves there.

    Personally, I am attracted to the majestic silence and tranquility.You won't be the same again after the hike.Every step is a challenge.Every step is a triumph of the will over the weakness of human nature.

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