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  1. I was struck by the absolute accuracy of the writer's language. He always has the right word and the most appropriate gesture to indicate “a particular phenomenon.” The speech of each literary hero is individual. In general, it seems to me that Bulgakov's language can be called poetic, and here I draw parallels with the language of Gogol and Babel.�

    I was also very interested in “a novel within a novel”. And the unusual interpretation of seemingly familiar concepts-Good and Evil, People and Power. This unusual feature is that there are no “pure” categories, they are always intertwined and, as a rule, exist in such an intertwining, breaking the tradition of ideas about them.

  2. The idea of the devil is not as an absolute evil, but as a researcher of human characters. Detailed development of characters – they are easy to imagine. A book within a book as an independent storyline.

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